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Coach's Corner - 1896-0 Morgan Silver Dollar GRaded MS 66--MINT STATE ...

Most silver certificates are worth only a small premium over their actual face value. For example, the common 1935 and 1957 certificates would sell for .25 to .50 in average circulated condition. A note of this type in uncirculated condition would fetch a bit more, perhaps .00 to .00.

Many collectors purchase silver certificates because of their rich history, uniqueness, and love of paper money. However, for the serious currency investor, their are a few notes worth obtaining for their monetary value and opportunity for appreciation. I've compiled a list of some of the more valuable notes available on the market today:

1. FR-251 - 1899 .00 Agricultural & Mechanics large-sized note, with a serial number of one. This certificate in GEM uncirculated 65 condition is practically priceless. For the untutored collector, a bill in GEM uncirculated 65 condition is absolutely perfect. It would have no tears, stains, rips, or folds. It would have razor sharp corners, absolutely perfect margins and no pinholes whatsoever. In other words, it would be a bill that is in absolute perfect condition!

What makes this note so special?
a. LOW serial number of D1
b. Extremely high certified grade
c. One time MATCHING signature combination of VERNON-TREAT

I discovered one such note on eBay, selling for over million dollars!

2. FR-268 -1896 .00 Educational certificate. It has a GEM uncirculated 68 condition - which indicates maximum perfection.

What makes this note so special?
a. The final Educational Note series
b. The only known CGA GEM-68 that exists
c. One time MATCHING signature combination of TILLMAN-MORGAN.

Other rare notes worth collecting:

1. Two - 1896 .00 large-size Educational Silver Certificates
These are absolutely beautiful notes:

a. Only 6 serial numbers
b. 2 Consecutives (very rare!).
c. High Grade
d. Only Lowest high-grade, consecutive serial number in existence

This pair was selling for over ,000!

2. FR-330 - 1891 .00 Silver Certificate
There are only 6 of these notes in existence and only a couple ever seen in public. I discovered one selling on eBay, in PMG Fine 12
condition, for ,000

3. FR-23 - 1886 .00 certificate.
In PCGS 65 condition, this one was fetching in the neighborhood of ,000.

4. FR-343 - 1891 0.00 Silver Certificate. Only 15 of these notes are known to exist. I found on selling on eBay, in in PMG Fine 12 condition, for ,500.

As you can see, there are many unique, rare and very valuable silver certificates worth collecting and investing in. Before purchasing any paper money online, always do your homework, ask questions, investigate the reputation of the seller carefully, and make sure a 100% full, money-back guarantee
is offered on the sale!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1896 silver dollar is there any value, if so how much?
    front e.purlieus.unum with thirteen stars and ladies face. On the back THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with the eagle

    • ANSWER:
      It's a Morgan silver dollar. The lady is Liberty. Look for a mint mark, either an S or O, just above the 'D O' of dollar, on the back. If no mint mark, it's from Philadelphia (P).

      Most of the questions from people who don't know what they have or what it's worth are average circulated, or used coins, not mint coins, which can be worth twice as much or more than a circulated coin. I'm going to assume yours is used.

      P and O are worth about the same, a bit more than the silver value of at around . The S mint is slightly better, average is about .

    What is the value of a U.S. 1896 silver dollar?

    • ANSWER:
      I'd give you five dollars for one.

    can anybody tell me the values of my 1843,1845,1861,1872,1883,1896 silver dollar coins?

    • ANSWER:

      They are all great guides. The last link is to contact an expert to have them appraised, it is very helpful.

    I have an 1881,1888,1889,1890,1891,1896,1898,1900,and1921 SILVER DOLLARS could there be any value to them?
    Front thirteen stars ladies side view with the words E.PLURIBUS.UN UM. On the back UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the eagle

    • ANSWER:
      Value of coins depends on date, mint mark, and condition. Get an idea of whether they are worth anything by contacting a coin dealer or looking on ebay.

    Collector value of old silver dollars 1798,1851 1895,1896, 1851 has an indian head an U.S.A. on both sides.?

    • ANSWER:
      they are worth a lot, check on Internet first , then I would go to a few dealers and ask for an offerto get an idea , and maybe sell for best offer on E-BAY.

    What is are the values of an 1889 P and 1896 P Morgan Silver Dollars In Uncirculated condition?
    I went through a jar of old coins that I found and these to are the ones in the best condition. I am an avid collector and I know my coins well but I am away from home right now and don't have my books with me so I was hoping you guys could help me out.

    • ANSWER:
      1889 Morgan in MS-63 & MS-64 , 1896 Morgan is the same.

    Any chance anyone knows the approximate value of these Morgan Dollar coins from 1884 and 1896?
    I'm trying to look it up myself, but I'm clueless and it seems each year has several dollar types. I have 2 coins I got today. One is 1896 all gold in color, has a lady on the front with a crown that says liberty and says e. pluribus unum and the other side says unites states of america one dollar in god we trust and has an eagle holding arrows. the other one has the same markings its from 1884 and the side with the lady is silver and the backside is gold. If you know how much they are worth or a good website I can look it up, please let me know!

    • ANSWER:
      The coins may have been in an old album at one time and that made one side tone to a gold color. You first need to see if they have a mint mark, it is on the eagle side near the bottom under the wreath if there is one. The 1884 & 1884-O are worth to in circulated grades. The 1854-CC starts at 0 and goes up from there. the 1896 & 1896-O are - also. The 1896-S is scarce in higher grades so starts off at but by the time it goes up the grade scale to extra fine it is worth 0. They need to be seen to be graded and of course any damage lowers the value. The tone does not mean much at this point. Hope this helps. By the way no mint mark is the Philadelphia mint, O is for New Orleans, S San Francisco & CC for Carson City mint.

    Bought coin graded and certified by Hallmark (HCGS) way over graded! Website not helpful?
    Coin is a 1896 morgan silver dollar graded and certified as MS66 which is valued by PCGS ( at 5 The Official redbook by Whitman has it valued at0 this coin is AU-58 a coin! Even if this coin is MS63 (its not!) its value would jump to a whopping . This i believe is extreme misrepresentation! If seller doesnt follow thru with refund i will contact the HALLMARK COIN GRADING SERVICE. Having tried to begin this process (diplomatically of course) i found the web address to be "unhelpful"

    • ANSWER:
      I would return it to the seller. I understand that you are unhappy with the slab's grading, but that is why most grading services that are not NGC or PCGS are severely discounted in the marketplace. Many collectors only trust those two services. Anyway, your beef is with the dealer who sold you the overgraded coin, even if it is in a slab. He sold you a MS66 coin, and in your opinion this coin is not MS66. He can argue it with Hallmark if he submitted it.

      This is why coin collecting should never be a sight unseen business if there are large price differences in small grades. I have seen fairly large differences even in NGC and PCGS slabs for the same grade coin. Actually, I have heard many dealers say that most coins sold sight unseen in slabs are "at the low end" of the grade,(or overgraded), and they keep the undergraded/great looking coins for shows where the person can see the quality and might be willing to pay full bid for a better coin.

    Morgan Dollars for christmas? detailed description, value?
    I got a couple or Silver Morgan Dollars for Christmas, years 1896 and 1897... They look like they're in exquisit condition to me, but I'm a novice coin collector. Basically, both have all letters of liberty visible, very little wear on the bottom of the neck, very little wear on any of the hair.I'm not exactly sure about the points of first wear on the back, but all the feathers are crisp, the reef is very pronounced, and the bust of the eagle is a little worn, but there is detail still visible.

    I think they were immediately put into some sort of protection, because there are very few surface scratches as well. one has no mint mark, and one is S.

    Based on that description, can you estimate a value for these coins?

    Also, I keep trying to take a picture, but my camera isn't that good, and i'm not sure how to do the lighting. If i put it on flash, Then it reflects off the coin to much and isn't visible at all. But if i don't use my flash, the coin is too dark to see clearly =/

    • ANSWER:
      You did not say which one had the S (San Francisco mint mark, no mint mark Philadelphia mint) so I will give values for both. Sounds like the coins are grade almost uncirculated or at least extra fine. If AU the coins will have slight traces of wear on the bust shoulder and hair left of the forehead, and on eagles breast and top edges of wings. If the coin has more wear it is extra fine. The 1896 in AU is valued at , the 1896-S 5.00. The 1897 and 1897-S in grade AU. Morgan dollars are fun to collect for they all have a history. They also have .77344 oz, of actual silver weight. Hope this helps.

    Anybody can help me to know more about the values and prices of my silver dollars my father gave me?

    • ANSWER:
      I already gave you the value of the first 3 on your other question. The 1872 0 grade good to 5 in Grade extra fine. The last to are not rare or scarce so from to in the same grades. Remember the 1872,1883 and 1896 may have mint marks, that will change the value if they have one. The mint marks are on the reverse below the eagle. Hope this helps.

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