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Silver bullion rounds are simply another name for silver coins. The term round came about because the silver was shaped into coins and thus was able to be stacked into rolls. This made it convenient for the coins to be handled and shipped. You'll often see them referred to as silver art rounds because they can be purchased inscribed with a variety of designs ranging from commemorative, religious, military, cars, holidays, weapons, animals, presidents, and even Elvis!


You can buy silver rounds in sizes ranging from one ounce to over one hundred ounces. The one ounce variety is the most popular.
Each silver round coin contains one full ounce of pure silver.
It has a purity of .999 fine silver.
It is not government-backed and has no legal tender status.


Silver bullion rounds are available in both name-brand and generic.

Name-brand silver rounds include the one-ounce private mint produced A-Mark Precious Metals, Wall Street Mint and Sunshine Minting. These silver rounds will display the name or hallmark of the mint that manufactured them.

Generic silver rounds are produced by a variety of small, little-known firms as well as those produced over the years by companies that may or may not still be in business. They typically have a smaller markup than the name-brand silver rounds.

Most Valuable:

Engelhard Silver Prospectors is the one ounce silver round that is most sought after by collectors. It was minted by Engelhard but has not been produced since 1988. This silver round is difficult to obtain and occasionally can be purchased on the secondary market.

Reasons to Buy:

Silver rounds are readily available.
They typically sell for a lower premium than government-backed silver bullion coins.
The value of the rounds is directly correlated to the current price of silver.
Their small size makes them perfect coins for bartering.


Silver bullion rounds are affordable, easy to store, count, buy and sell. They are an excellent way for the small investor or collector to invest directly in pure silver bullion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    does anyone know where the "mint mark" would be on a 1928 Morgan silver dollar?

    • ANSWER:
      There are no 1928 Morgan dollars, but there are 1928 Peace Dollars. The mint mark is on the reverse (eagle side) below the word one. The one without the mint mark is the rare one. It only has a mintage of 360,649.

    Value of a 1928 silver dollar?
    I have a 1928 peace silver dollar without a mint mark. It has a small hole at the top-it was used by my father as a watch chain-it has an Elks tooth attached

    • ANSWER:
      You need to look for a mint mark in the space below the word ONE and above the eagle's tail feathers. Circulated 1928 Peace dollars without a mint mark are rare; those with an "S" are more common, although that situation is reversed for high-grade uncirculated ones.

      Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 02/2010:

      No mint mark (Philadelphia):
      Very worn condition - 3
      Moderately worn - 6
      Slightly worn - 8
      Almost no wear - 3
      Uncirculated - 0 to ,310 depending on quality

      "S" mint mark (San Francisco):
      Very worn condition -
      Moderately worn -
      Slightly worn -
      Almost no wear -
      Uncirculated - 0 to ,880

      Common questions:
      The A "mint mark" on the front is part of the designer's monogram, NOT a mint mark.

      In God We Trvst
      Many people wonder about the "Trvst" spelling on the motto.
      TRVST is the normal spelling for all Peace Dollars, as well as on other coins from that time period. It is NOT an error.

      The use of V for U was an affectation of the time period, when designers were very fond of old Roman styles. The Latin alphabet didn't have a separate letter for U; V served as a consonant, vowel, AND a number (!) You had to tell the uses apart by context. The same was true for the letter I, which also served as the consonant that we call J. The letters U and J weren't commonly used until the Middle Ages.

      "E Pluribus Unum" and "Liberty"
      ALL U.S. coins carry those wordings so they don't help to ID a coin.

    how much is my 1928 peace dollar worth?
    I have a 1928 silver peace dollar, it has been circulated, but is in very good condition, it has no marking as too where it was minted, except under the Lady's neck there is a a tiny thing that looks like an A.
    So what is it worth?

    • ANSWER:
      The mint mark on a Peace dollar is on the eagle side below the word one. The monogram on the neck is for the Designer Anthony de Francisci. Check for the mint mark for the scarce 1928 does not have a mint mark for it was minted at the Philadelphia mint. The P mint mark was not used on dollar coins until 1979 then on the small SBA dollars. The 1928 starts out around 0 and goes up from there. The 1928-S and up depending on grade, values given are for the lower grade of very good.

    rare coins values and description of coin?
    1928 silver dollar with no mint mark, value?

    • ANSWER:
      That is one of the keys in the Peace series, the 1928 Philadelphia. But the value depends entirely on the condition.

      The #1-rated professional grader PCGS prices one in Good-4 at 5, but one in that condition isn't especially desirable, though still scarce, so you should be able to one in that grade for 0 or less.

      It's when you hit the Mint State grades that the values rise dramatically, because they arerare to very rare in these grades. An MS63 is valued at 5, MS64 jumps to 50, MS65 skyrockets to 50 and MS66 is a wealthy person's at ,000.

      But, while it is the most expensive, by far, in the lower grades, in the highest grades it is far from the most valuable. It is scarce, which means that a much smaller number of them went into circulation. Other coins with much higher mintages saw most of those coins being used as money, and very few ever survived in high grade, making them quite expensive. The 1928-S is only a coin in G-4. It almost catches up to the 1928-P at MS64, but at MS65 it blows that 50 away at ,000, and at MS66 it's a ,000 coin.

    how much is my 1928 peace dollar worth?
    I have a 1928 silver peace dollar, it has been circulated, but is in very good condition, it has no marking as too where it was minted, except under the Lady's neck there is a a tiny thing that looks like an A.
    So what is it worth?

    • ANSWER:
      If it's a 1928 no mint mark it's worth between 0 - 0 depending on
      condition. Make sure it's not a 1928 - S. The "S" will be one the reverse
      below the "ONE" and the end of the birds tail.
      The 1928 plain had a much lower mintage than the 28 S.
      The 1928-S is worth much less.
      The A under the neck is on a piece dollars. It signifies the designer I believe.
      If you decide to sell it take it to a reputable coin dealer.
      In the meantime purchase one of the airtight holders for dollar coins
      to keep it from getting scratched and nicked.

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