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Old Coins are fun to collect. Coins are a part of our lives for as long as civilization ever existed. Coins have been a source of money exchange for centuries now.

Old coins or rare coins are a collectors item , they are bought only by people who collect coins as a hobby or by coin dealers who are looking for a better deal.

The oldest coins are quiet a debatable topic ,some say the oldest coins belong to the Lydian origin ,where as some believe the oldest coins belonged to the Indian origin ,known as Karshapanam.

US and Canada are known to house some of the oldest and well in demand coins ,for generations coin collecting is very popular for example the 20$ Saint -Gaudens coin is considered as the oldest and most beautiful coins in America. Along with Red Indian printed coins of denominations ,.50, and are also a very old specimen .

Face of Liberty engraved on ,,,.50 and are also the oldest as well as the most popular among the collectors item.

Canadian Royal Mint has produced a special edition gold coin to mark the 25th Anniversary of Canada ,these coins were printed with The Maple Gold Leaf ,this coin is known to fetch a very high value in the collectors market.

Countries like Australia British and European countries are becoming increasingly aware of old coin values ,and their historical significance.

Some of the Worlds Old coins are the Swiss 20 franc French 20 franc Angel French 20 franc Rooster British Sovereign French 20 franc Napoleon III Italian 20 Lira .
Some of the old Silver coins are the Morgan Silver Dollar ,Peace Silver Dollar and the Buffalo Commemorative Silver Dollar.

Coin values are determined by their uniqueness their age their condition and their demand . An old age coin is always more in demand and priced at a higher value.Coins and their values are dependent on the collectors market ,sometimes an old coin may not be as highly priced as a commonly circulated coin as the demand of the old coin is less n the collectors market.

Old coins are also evaluated as per their condition, an old coin which has faced a lot of ware and tear in its life will not be graded well and will loose its market value.
Coin grading is an important phenomenon in the coin collectors market. Especially for Old coins grading becomes up most important to ensure the authenticity as well as the condition of the coin.

Old coins are sold for a much higher market value ,than its face value ,so one has to make sure that they verify the coin thoroughly before putting in their investment, old coins are recommended to be bought only from reputed coin dealers who well ensure the coin with authenticity and certify its grading.
Old Coins rock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what is the value of an eisenhower silver dollar collection 1971-1974,1976?
    box set has 5 silver dollar coins,1971,1972,1973,1974,'1776-1976'

    • ANSWER:
      Not enough information to give you an estimate. Is there an S just below Eisenhower's neck. If so then you have a 40% silver set which gives it some extra value. You also do not mention grades which is critical to determining a value. Without a mint mark the coins must be uncirculated to have any collector value. If they were taken out of circulation then they are only worth face value. If they are an uncirculated set the retail price can range from to several hundred dollars depending on the grade and what version of the 1972 you have.

      I would suggest you take them to a dealer so he can tell exactly what you have.

    Dwight Eisenhower 1 Dollar Coin value?
    I have 5 Dwight D. Eisenhower silver dollar coins. All with the date 1776-1976 on the bottom. How much would they be worth on ebay?

    • ANSWER:
      Those are Bicentennial Coinage coins. There were 2 types minted.
      Variety 1 is for low relief bold lettering on reverse while Variety 2 has sharp design, delicate lettering on reverse.

      The value would all depend upon the condition. Ungraded (raw unslabbed) varieties range in value from .00 for EF-40 and up to #13 for a Proof-65.

      Now if the coin was graded by PCGS as a mint strike 67 and was the Type 1 from the Denver Mint, then the current PCGS value is at ,500

      So it is too hard to place a proper value without seeing the coin. On e-bay you will be lucky to get anything as people don't pay much for coins. You should first have them looked at to see what they may grade at and what type you have. It may be worth the .00 fee of having it graded by PCGS and placed in a slab (air tight plastic case).

      Hope this answers your question.


    Need help finding history and value of a "coin"?
    I recently acquired several of these:

    Silver coin the size of a silver dollar(1 1/2" X 3/16") The obverse has a shiny proof background with a frosted, raised statue of General Lafayette. He is bracketed on one side by "1757" and on the other by "1834"(his birth and death).Above him are 6 doves and below it says "LAFAYETTE".

    On the reverse it has an informational paragraph about the statue in Lagrange Georgia being dedicated to and the town named after Lafayette's home in France. Below that in tiny print is "Lagrange Commission", "Marquis de Lafayette", "National Bicentennial Celebration", "Lagrange georgia 1976"

    The edge is reeded from 2 o'clock to 10 o'clock, From 10 to 2 is smooth with the following stamped into it. .999 Fine Silver [FGM] [P] [74] then 3 numbers. Each coin has a different three numbers. One is 085 another is 078 (serial numbers?)

    Each came in a blue cardboard coin setting that says "limited Edition" "The first Georgia Mint Atlanta, Georgia".

    I've tried several search engines and many different approaches but I keep coming up dry. If anyone has any information or knows of a resource that might help I would be grateful.


    • ANSWER:
      What you have are medals not coins. They were made by a private mint for the celebration in Lagrange Georgia. They are silver medals and from their size probably have an ounce of silver in them. It is not uncommon for silver medals to have a number on them. You have the 78th and 85th medals struck. They were ike most medals of this type struck and sold as souvenirs to help pay for the celebration, I would not be surprised to find out that bronze medals were also struck. You can start by getting hold of the Lagrange Chamber of Commerce to find out about the medal. Value would probably be in the -0 range, it depends on what is meant by limited edition, they made at least 85 so it was not that limited. Lafayette is a well collected person and was a very important man in the Revolutionary war era. I have a French medal of him from around 1789 that I will never part with. Hope this helps.

    Any good sources for coin selling guides?
    I have a bunch of older US coins(and one canadian set) that I'm looking to sell. Does anyone know of any websites, books, or any other sources that give good descriptions of the value of coins? Here's a compressed list of what I'm trying to sell:

    1981 to 1998 Proof/Prestige/Premier sets
    1987 Royal Canadian Proof Set
    Kennedy Half Dollars from 1964 to 1985
    Silver Dollars 2000, 2001
    Quarters 1976
    Pennies 1863 to 1986

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      To get an accurate value of the coins you wish to sell, you must know what grades, (for the pennies), they are. An 1863 penny can be worth to 00 depending on the grade. After that is done, you can check out books from the library, (you can check out the "Redbook" by Yeoman, it is the most important price guide), or simply go to a coin show and see what the asking prices are. If you do not want to go to this work, simply get bids from a few coin dealers as to what they will pay you for them. One caveat about price guides. They are never up to date completely, especially when it comes to bullion items, and they are retail prices, so expect for a dealer to offer you less.

      Another good alternative is to sell them on Ebay. Yes, sometimes coins go too cheap, but most times they sell for what they are worth, and sometimes for more.

    I have these old coins i need to know the value of them now days?
    i have for ike silver dollars
    (8) 1971
    (12) 1972
    (4) 1974
    (1) 1977
    (8) 1978
    (25) 1776-1976 (sentential)

    I also have Susan B. Anthony Dollars
    (7) 1979
    (7) 1980

    i have Gold 2000 Dollars
    (12) 2000

    and for JFK half silver dollars (look out theres a load of them) i have
    (2) 1965
    (3) 1966
    (3) 1967
    (9) 1968
    (2) 1969
    (15) 1971
    (18) 1972
    (5) 1973
    (6) 1974
    (2) 1977
    (2) 1978
    (3) 1979
    (3) 1980
    (5) 1981
    (2) 1982
    (5) 1983
    (2) 1984
    (12) 1985
    (2) 1986
    (2) 1988
    (3) 1989
    (1) 1990
    (1) 1997
    (1) 2001

    (+ i have 16 sentenal 1776-1976 silver half dollars)

    • ANSWER:
      Everything but the 65 - 69 Kennedy halfs are worth face value.

      Hope you weren't expecting a windfall.

      The 65-69 Kennedys contain a little silver so they may be worth .75 to .00 each.

      Had to come back and edit this -- Liberal asskicker is full of sh*t

    US value of coins?
    Ok, I have a handful of coins from other countries and from the US.They are all circulated, I didnt buy any, I just found/ got them. They are-
    1992 British Ten Pence
    1997 Mexican Peso
    1976 Bicentennial US Quarter
    1974 Kennedy Half-Dollar
    2000 Gold 1 dollar coins(2- 1 from denver&1 fom pensylvania)
    2003 1 Brazilian real
    1973 silver Canadian 25 cents
    1978&1985Canadian 5 cents
    1987,1981& 1985 Canadian 1 cent
    1958 US wheat penny
    1971&1985 Canadian 10 cents
    These are in no special order. If I misspelled something, forgive me. I am only 11 years old.
    Oh I forgot I also have a 1985 Old bill. It has an older design on the back.

    • ANSWER:
      the bill, 74 half-dollar, and dollar coins are worth face value. the Wheat penny is worth about $ .02. The non US money I have no idea.

    how much are they worth?
    i am asking this question on behalf of my mother. she has 3 coins she would like them valued.

    coin 1: US 1 silver dollar with the eagle back dated 1977
    coin 2:US silver 1 dollar with the liberty bell and moon back with 1776-1976.
    coin 3: UK £5 (pound) coin jubilee issue coin with the date 1953-1993 (which is when the queen celebrated her jubilee year)

    • ANSWER:
      Your first two coins can be found in the first link. Only the S mint mark coins are 40% silver. Neither of these is likely to be worth a great deal though the 40% silver coins can be worth around in uncirculated condition.

      Your third coin description is confusing because the Queen Elizabeth II silver jubilee was in 1977, but there were 40th anniversary (1993) silver and gold £5 coins minted.

      I hope this helps

    Can anyone tell me the approximate value of my coins?
    I have some older coins I have found or bought from out of my till at work. All of them are cerculation quality, so some are not in the best of shape. the list includes:
    1.1935 S
    2.1942 S
    3.1944 S
    4.1944 D
    5.1945 -
    6.1945 D
    7.1946 -
    8.1946 D
    9.1951 -
    10.1952 S
    11.1955 D x2
    12.1958 D
    1.1943- silver
    Half Dollars
    1.1971 D
    2.1972 D
    3.1977 D
    4.1984 D
    Suzan B. Anthony Dollar
    1.1979 P
    Eisenhower Dollar
    1.1972 D
    2.1974 D
    3.Bi-Centennial 1776-1976 –
    4.1977 D

    • ANSWER:
      I cannot but I often go here for help on my coins:

      You do have to register to get on the forum. Then you may be able to copy and paste your list so you don't h ave to type it over again........

      Sounds like you may have some worth some money so check it out....

    value of old us currency?
    1976 &1978 two dollars bill, 1979 Susan B. Anthony coin, and 1935 silver certificate

    • ANSWER:
      Unless they are in mint condition or proof (for the coin), none is worth much more than face value. They are fun to keep around though.

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