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American Buffalo Gold Coins

The America Buffalo Gold Coin is a gold bullion coin minted by the US Mint, that began being available to the public on June 22, 2006. The most notable distinguishing feature between US U.S. Eagle coins and American Buffalos is that the American Buffalo is twenty-four karat bullion gold coin, to say it another way, 99.99% true gold. The flagship US Eagle coins are 22 carat gold, to paraphrase .9167% pure gold, with the remainder being a silver-copper amalgamate. Buffalo gold coins began as a consequence of augmenting worldwide requirement for twenty-four karat bullion coins, and the popularity of Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Gold Panda coins, and other 99.99 pure gold bullion products.

The one oz gold buffalo coin has a face cost of fifty dollars. But similar to other coins, this amount only denotes that the coin is legal tender and has no actual connection to the coin's real worth, that relies on the present gold spot cost. The planning of Gold Buffalos relies on the imagery of the Buffalo Nickel, that was produced from 1913 to 1938. The imagery, by James Earle Frase, shows an image of a native american man on the obverse, and an image of a Yankee bison ( buffalo ) on the reverse. The obverse side also encompasses the year at the lower lefthand side, and the word "Liberty" along the top righthand side. The reverse side shows the name "United States of America" along the leading edge, below that to the right side are the words "E PLURIBUS UNUM" which is Latin for "Out of many, one" ( a slogan employed in many official American symbols ). It also reads "In God We Trust" at the lower lefthand side, and at the bottom the official value, and below the official value the coin's weight and purity of ".9999 Fine Gold".

The American buffalo gold coin is also produced in fractional sizes of [*FR1] oz with a face value of , [*FR3] oz. with a face cost of , and 1 / 10 oz with a face cost of .

Buffalo gold coins have also been produced in uncirculated and proof versions of better minting quality ( and high premium pricing ), but such coins have been cancelled for the year 2009 because of striking need for gold bullion coins. Additionally, 2009 minting of the normal bullion buffalo coins have been delayed until further notice. The majority of the augmenting investors' demand is for U.S. gold eagles, so that the US Mint is setting aside the majority of its gold stockpiles for their minting.

United States buffalos struck in previous years can be discovered in coin stores and bullion stores. But you may have to go looking to find one because there is no supply of newly minted coins this year.

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