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1971-78 Eisenhower Ike Dollar Proof set

The original monetary system setup by the founding fathers of the United States of America was the most stable and honest system, and to this day is outperforming our current dollar. It was backed by gold and silver, and had limits to how much money could be distributed. From the year 1795 to 1933 you were able to redeem your bill of legal tender for actual gold. This means that if you had a bill, you could get a gold coin in return, which was roughly one ounce of gold. From the year 1833 to 1930 the low on gold was .58 per ounce and the high was .32 per ounce. This means that for a total of 97 years the price of gold changed a mere [POSTCONTENT].74 making the U.S. currency as good as gold. It wasnt until 1931 that gold hit its all time low which was 17.06 per ounce. The sudden drop in the price of gold was manipulated by the Federal Reserve, by reducing the amount of money that was in circulation and making the little amount available very hard to come by the price of gold for the fist time in 97 years took a drop. A lot of people think the Federal Reserve was created because of the great depression, but the truth is it was formed in 1913 years before the Great Depression. Since the inception of the Federal Reserve the U.S. was slowly going off the gold standard, and on August.15, 1971 with the help of President Nixon the U.S. was officially off the gold standard, and was no longer able to redeem U.S. currency for gold. In addition the Federal Reserve was now free to print up and increase the money supply as they pleased, without any limitations. Since officially abandoning the gold standard the U.S. dollar has been increasingly losing its value, and taking the U.S. economy into a downward spiral. Gold, historically for over 5000 years, has been a hedge against greed, and most importantly inflation. Inflation is a hidden tax that many people are unaware of. Inflation simply put is the effects of increasing the money supply or printing up and flooding an economy with excess money.


Inflation is becoming an epidemic in the United States, and is quietly making the dollar worthless. In the early 1900s you could exchange a dollar bill for a dollar gold coin. Today dollars is worth dollars and a dollar gold coin is worth well over 00 dollars. That is an increase from the original money supply of over 6000% in less than 76 years. Taking that into an average day situation, that means a brand new Porsche that costs ,000 dollars today would only cost 50 gold coins or simply put 00 dollars. This means that we are sitting on roughly ,000 dollars of inflation. If you factor that into the dollar today that means it is really worth only 1 and half pennies. What is important to visually see is the devaluation of the U.S. dollar since we were taken off of the gold standard. Instead of seeing this as gold going up you need to see this as the U.S. money supply increasing at a rapid rate. The only real honest currency the U.S. has ever had that still holds its value today over paper money is gold and silver coins that are from the original monetary system setup by the founding fathers of the United States of America. History has proven that anytime we inflate the amount of money we have in circulation gold has grown in value. For instance the U.S. was officially off of the gold standard in 1971. What followed there after was one of worst economic times in recent history which saw inflation hit at its peak 13.3%. When inflation hit 13.3% gold skyrocketed over 2400%. To better illustrate this, in 1970 gold was roughly dollars an ounce, and at its peak in the early 1980s, gold hit 0 dollars an ounce.
The gold rush is taking place on a global scale, and with gold being a limited resource, the time to prepare and protect your self is now. The gold rush is taking place on a global scale, and with gold being a limited resource, the time to prepare and protect your self is now. To help you in the transition over to precious metals we have created a FREE gold guide that you can request through the following link. To get started in precious metals as an asset acquisition Click here for a FREE GOLD GUIDE

About the Author:
Chet Singletary has been working in precious metals as an asset acquisition option for over 10 years and is currently a senior economic analyst for Regal Assets.


Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the value of a mind 1971 Eisenhower silver dollar?

    • ANSWER:
      A 1971 Eisenhower dollar is worth -5, depending on the condition. They are actually only 40% silver, eBay is currently flooded with 100 ads trying to sell them at no more than , and they are not all that old. I saw one in a bag selling for .99, which is about right. If it is in a bag, like a blue bag, then it is considered to be in mint condition and could be worth around -5 but could be sold for up to . If it is slabbed, then the condition is considered guaranteed and it could be worth -5 but you might be able to get as much as for it. Of course you can find them for more from a dealer or in a Publisher's Clearing House ad, but they are really worth no more than about .

    whats the value of a 1971 uncirculated Eisenhower silver dollar coin?
    Its still in its original plastic, also has a blue with silver righting plastic? coin with it that says uncirculated silver dollar, and a paper that says its uncirculated 40% silver, the blue cardboard case also says department of the treasury 1789

    • ANSWER:
      The 1971-S uncirculated Ike dollar in the blue pack is 40% silver and dealers are paying around .00 for them. Ike dollars have not really caught on as a collectable as of yet. Coin collectors are ignoring them at least for now. I did put a set together a few years ago for very little money and the coins have gone up some but not much. Sooner or later they will catch on so it is best to hold onto your coin for a while. It may pay off in the future.

    what is the value of an eisenhower silver dollar collection 1971-1974,1976?
    box set has 5 silver dollar coins,1971,1972,1973,1974,'1776-1976'

    • ANSWER:
      Not enough information to give you an estimate. Is there an S just below Eisenhower's neck. If so then you have a 40% silver set which gives it some extra value. You also do not mention grades which is critical to determining a value. Without a mint mark the coins must be uncirculated to have any collector value. If they were taken out of circulation then they are only worth face value. If they are an uncirculated set the retail price can range from to several hundred dollars depending on the grade and what version of the 1972 you have.

      I would suggest you take them to a dealer so he can tell exactly what you have.

    I have eisenhower dollars in very good circulated condition ,are they worth much more than face value?
    None are silver ,1971-1974

    • ANSWER:
      No. If you want to know the exact value you can google it or go to

    Is these silver dollars still in circulation?
    I have three silver dollars: all of them have President Eisenhower on the front. One of them has a picture of an eagle on the moon on the reverse side dated 1971, two have the picture of the liberty bell and the moon on the reverse side dated 1776-1976. Are these worth anything more than face value? If they are face value, can I just use them like I'd spend a dollar bill?

    I also have four silver half-dollars dated 1971, 1972, 1972, and 1973. Same question for those.

    • ANSWER:
      All of the coins you list are seldom seen in circulation. Unfortunately, none of them is worth much more than face value. None of them actually contains any silver. I would probably spend the half dollars, but I would hang on to the Eisenhower dollars for no other reason than they're cool.

    I have a bag of collectors coins but would like to know if any of them have value?
    Heres a few that i see that are in there. A penny from 1920. A huge silver coin from 1971 with eisenhower on it worth a dollar. A one dollar silver coin with an old looking woman on it, encircled by stars. A few nickles with an indian on them and a buffalo on the other side. Some old 1961 quarter. A few 1960's half dollars. Some of those gold dollar coins with that lady on it. And theres a bunch of all the ones i listed. Thanks.
    also a half dollar coin with.. Some woman standing in a robe with her hand out and a sun in the corner and it says liberty from 1939

    • ANSWER:
      What you have:

      1920 Lincoln Wheat cent
      1971 Eisenhower dollar not likely silver
      The "old looking woman" is probably a 1979 or 1980 Susan B. Anthony dollar
      Indian head/Buffalo 5 cent; certain dates are worth much more
      1961 Washington quarter dollar
      Franklin or Kennedy half dollars
      Sacagawea dollar
      1939 Walking Liberty half dollar

      The links below should give you a rough idea what your coins are worth.

    Can anyone tell me the approximate value of my coins?
    I have some older coins I have found or bought from out of my till at work. All of them are cerculation quality, so some are not in the best of shape. the list includes:
    1.1935 S
    2.1942 S
    3.1944 S
    4.1944 D
    5.1945 -
    6.1945 D
    7.1946 -
    8.1946 D
    9.1951 -
    10.1952 S
    11.1955 D x2
    12.1958 D
    1.1943- silver
    Half Dollars
    1.1971 D
    2.1972 D
    3.1977 D
    4.1984 D
    Suzan B. Anthony Dollar
    1.1979 P
    Eisenhower Dollar
    1.1972 D
    2.1974 D
    3.Bi-Centennial 1776-1976 –
    4.1977 D

    • ANSWER:
      I cannot but I often go here for help on my coins:

      You do have to register to get on the forum. Then you may be able to copy and paste your list so you don't h ave to type it over again........

      Sounds like you may have some worth some money so check it out....

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