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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the value of a 1924 Silver Dollar now?
    I have an old 1924 Silver Dollar that I wanna sell. I dont know what the value of it is. On one side it has LIBERTY(written and picture), IN GOD WE TRVST, and on the other side is an EAGLE, written is: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA E PLURIBUSUNUM, ONE DOLLAR< & PEACE. And where can I est sell it for maximum value?

    • ANSWER:
      1924 is not a rare date for Peace dollars. In circulated condition, it's worth about . A nice uncirculated one is worth about

      Find a coin dealer in your area and have them look at it.

    Value of Liberty 1924 silver peace US dollar coin?
    I have Liberty 1924 silver peace US dollar coin. It has good condition. What would be the cost of that?

    • ANSWER:
      Of the 1924 Peace dollars only the 1924-S (mint mark on eagle side below the word ONE) has a low mintage and is a collectible in most grades starting at . The others in circulated grades are worth silver value only and dealers pay around right now. dealers do not pay silver spot prices for they need to make a profit.

    How do I find the value of a 1880 silver dollar coin?
    We also have an 1884 and several from the early 1900...1921,1922, 1923, 1924, and 1925. My dad doesn't think they are worth anything, but I have a feeling they are.
    Thanks for any help you can offer me to find a value for these.

    • ANSWER:
      First of all in order to get an answer to your question and not a guess you need to look at the dollars and see if they have a mint mark.on the Morgan dollar type which has a bust of liberty and an eagle with out stretched wings. On the eagle side the mint mark if any is located below the wreath. On the Peace dollars liberty has rays coming out of her head and the eagle faces right with wings folded the mint mark if any is located below the word one. There are 2 types 1921 dollars on a Morgan which is common and one a peace which is not. The common ones for these dates are worth .50 to about in circulated grades. Knowing the mint marks of the Morgan dollars can change the value in some cases by a lot. The 1922-1925 peace dollars are quite common. The above values are about what a dealer would pay for circulated coins.

    i have an old 1924 silver dollar with a missprint is it worth anything?
    the miss print is "in god we trvst"
    the miss print "in god we trvst" i would like some info or even a website to check. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I am no expert on American coins, but a quick google image search for "1924 silver dollar" shows all the coins with the "TRVST" spelling. I don't think it's really a spelling mistake. In Roman times the letter "u" did not exist, and neither did the letter "j". So, for example, Jesus would have been written IESVS. I guess when they designed the coin they used the "TRVST" spelling to make it look like some ancient inscription. Interestingly, where I live in Scotland, UK, the local city council came up with a new logo for the city of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, with the spelling "EDINBVRGH" using an Uncial script to make it look old.

      However, I would guess the coin does have some value, being silver alone should make it worth something, but as for it being rare, I doubt it.

    Value of a standing liberty quarter dollar?
    Does any one that has experience with coins tell me the value of a Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar, and please no websites, i dont understand any of them.

    • ANSWER:
      There are two different major varieties. Generally speaking, the 1916 - 1923 coins are much more valuable because the date was on a raised area that wore away quickly. If you can't read the date, then the coin is worth only the silver content.
      The 1924 - 1930 coins are more common (These were redesigned so the date was on a depressed are and didn't wear away easily). Value varies widely due to condition, date, and mintmark.
      You need to go to the library and find a good reference book like the Yeoman "Red Book" of US coin values. You coin can be anywhere from to several hundred dollars. Without a good photo, I woundn't even try to guess a value for your coin.

    How much is a 1924 Liberty silver dollar worth?

    • ANSWER:
      i don't know I had one from that year back in the 70's and I only got 23 dollars for it. It should be worth more now though

    How can I clean mercury dimes?
    Hi All,

    I'm wondering how to clean 3 1924 mercury dimes that I have. I know this is generally frowned upon, as it decreases their value, but from what I understand they're not worth more than about a dollar a piece, anyway. The dimes I have are actually glued onto another item I own, so they are basically just decorative. To that end, I'd rather have them be silver (if maybe a little scratched) than black. Does anyone know of an easy and effective way to do this? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      They're made of silver, so anything that works on silver will work. You can buy silver polish in just about any supermarket, or you can use a light abrasive like toothpaste.

    How can I clean mercury dimes?
    Hi All,

    I'm wondering how to clean 3 1924 mercury dimes that I have. I know this is generally frowned upon, as it decreases their value, but from what I understand they're not worth more than about a dollar a piece, anyway. The dimes I have are actually glued onto another item I own, so they are basically just decorative. To that end, I'd rather have them be silver (if maybe a little scratched) than black. Does anyone know of an easy and effective way to do this? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      You might try this: Good Luck

    Does anyone know what these are worth?
    I have two coins one from 1923 and one from 1924. It says on the certificate of authenticity that its a 1923D peace dollar that guarentees it was struck in 90% silver by the US mint. It also includes a government postage stamp from guyana.

    I would take it to a gold/silver shop but I dont wanna get ripped off. Is there anyway of findimg the true value or does anyone know.

    • ANSWER:
      It's complicated if you have no experience. Just know that if a dealer offers you less than the actual worth of the silver, it doesn't mean you are being ripped off. Dealers can't pay you full markey value and expect to stay in business.

      But here are some guidelines.

      With silver prices falling instead of going up like they were, the 'spread', or difference between what a dealer will pay for silver and what the dealer can get for it, gets wider. There is more risk in buying in a declining market, so the dealer is looking to lower that risk by discounting the 'buy' percentage of 'melt' value for the coin.

      A month ago, when silver was in the range, a Peace dollar had about worth of silver in it, and dealers were paying no more than to sell them for , or more, if the condition allowed it.

      Today, with the same coin having about .65 in silver, the dealer is not going to offer the same discount off of silver value (-=). The dealer is going to offer around . They'll still try to get or more but will settle for .

      As for these coins, you don't say what condition they are in, and that's important information, usually. The higher the condition, usually, the higher the price.

      But, common silver coins have to be in the mid-level uncirculated grades to have more value as collector coins than as just silver. You have common Peace dollars. And from my experience, coins that are sold to collectors with little paper certificates that guarantee the silver content are coins that are targeted - or hyped, is the better word, in magazines and on TV - to those who are not coin collectors. The places that do this buy up large quantities of common coins at discounts to the price of silver at the time they were bought, and package them up and greatly inflate the price. Such coins are average circulated condition and will probably never have any additional value beyond the silver, because there are plenty of really beautiful uncirculated coins out there for the collector.

      So, I am confident in saying that what you have are average circulated condition, and all you will be offered is the dealer's buy price for the silver.

    How much is a 1924 peace dollar coin worth?

    • ANSWER:
      Check to see if it has a mint mark. It is on the eagle side below the word one if there is one. The 1924 is common with a mintage of 11,811,000 and in low grades is worth the silver in it. Dealers are paying around 8 times face. The coin is worth more in higher grades. The 1924-S is rarer 1,728,000 mintage, values start at and go up from there depending on the coins grade (condition).

    How much is my coin worth (New collector)?
    A 1924, 1923 and a 1926 dollar coin (silver)? the one from 1924 and 1926 - Perfect condition

    • ANSWER:
      Assuming these are US coins they are Peace Dollars. Check for a mint mark near the tip of the eagle's tail feathers on the back of the coin. The mint mark is a tiny letter. Look for an "S" for San Francisco or a "D" for Denver. The Philadelphia Mint coins have no mint mark at all. Here's a link to PCGS to give you an idea about (retail) value:

      Also check eBay to see what people are getting for these coins. Remember to check the "Completed Listings" box to see prices actually realized. Note that red prices are for items that didn't make their reserve price (didn't sell). Here's a link that shows completed Peace Dollar listings on eBay:

      As a new collector you may want to know about the silver dollars that preceded the Peace Dollars: Here are some links you may find interesting:

      Silver Dollars in general:

      Early Dollars

      Liberty Seated Dollars

      Trade Dollars

      Morgan Dollars

    Misprint on 1924 silver dollar. Value?
    I have a 1924 silver dollar. Instead of In God We Trust it says In God We Trvst. Trust is spelled with a v rather than a u. Does this add to the value? Any idea as to what it may be worth?

    • ANSWER:
      They all used the Latin spelling of TRUST, which is TRVST. Therefore, that obviously does not add to the value.

      The Latin language had no "v" character, but their "u" looked like our "v." That's why a "w" is called a "double-u" instead of a "double-v."

      As for the value of your coin, that is subjective. Condition plays a great part in the value. How much wear does the coin show? Are the words crisp/sharp or are they barley visible/thin? Further, price guides are only suggestive. The true measure is what the market will bear. How much is someone willing to pay at that moment for your collectible. EBay is a great place to get an idea for that.

    What are my silver coins worth?
    I am just curious what my coins are worth....

    Mercury dimes
    1936 (2)
    1941 (2)
    Roosevelt dime

    Cook Islands 2009 1 ounce silver coin
    1884 Morgan Silver Dollar
    1981 Us Assay office san francisco One Troy ounce coin
    1916-1947 Walking liberty commemorative copy coin one troy ounce
    1966 kennedy half dollar

    1870 2 pesetas


    • ANSWER:
      150 pounds maybe

    I have a model 12 winchester trap grade made in 1924?
    It has real fancy wood and is in new condition very nice shotgun. I,m selling it and was hoping for ideas on worth.

    • ANSWER:
      Bound's hubby here:

      You have a very fine shotgun. The Model 12s, especially the Trap Grades, have been the kings of trap ranges for ages. I think some of the estimates above were made while in orbit. Realistically, I would estimate the value to be closer to 00-00 unless it is a Model 12 that is engraved and has gold/silver inlays.

      Your Model 12 will probably be of more interest to trap shooters. Unless you need cash real quick, I would suggest that you find a local trap range and post your shotgun there. Or even better locate a range that will have a regional ATA shoot this spring and sell your shotgun there. It is not uncommon to see shotguns up for sale at meets like this. A very sincere tip... trap shooters are like golfers. When they miss a shot or lose a round they are quick to sell their shotguns because it is the shotgun's fault. Which means they will also have the money to be able to buy a shotgun. Your Model 12 is a premier shotgun. Take it to where people will appreciate it. You will not only get a good appraisal, you will get a good dollar for it.

      Good luck.

    I have a question about a coin i found?
    i found a coin that i can make out as a quarter. the front of the coin says united states of america and has an eagle and it also says quarter dollar and on the back it has a man or a woman of some sort standing in a box and towards the bottom it has six stars on both sides. its used to where i cant make out the date of the coin.

    • ANSWER:
      It is a "standing liberty" quarter. It is silver and worth .50. If there are not 3 stars under the eagle on the back, it was made in 1917. If there is a squared off pedastal under "Liberty" it was made between 1917 and 1924. If it is flat at the bottom, it was made between 1925 and 1930.

    how much is a 1924 Peace silver dollar worth?

    • ANSWER:
      Is it a 1924S or 1924?

      A 1924 "Peace" silver dollar in VF-20 condition is worth approx. .00.
      A 1924S "Peace" silver dollar in VF-20 condition is worth approx. .00.

      VF-20 -Very Fine = Hair over eye well worn. Some strands over ear well defined. Some eagle feathers on top and outside edge of right wing visible.

      If the coin is in better condition than VF-20 it is worth more.
      Example: 1924S in MS-65 condition is worth approx. ,800.00.

      The only way to determine the exact grade of the coin is to have the coin graded by a coin grading service such as PCGS or NGC.

    i would like to know the value of some old coins?
    the coins are 2 liberty silver dollars 1924 and 1923 a or f the others are a 1910an 1912 v head nickles...the others are just silver dollars with a lady an eagle on them they are1896 , 1880s , 1900o , 1888 , 1885, 1890 , 1881 , 1921 , and two bufflo nickles a 1937, and a 1935 that looks like the indian has a tear rolling down his cheek.... thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The 1924 and 1923 Peace dollars are quite common and retail for in very good to about or so in uncirculated. The other dollars are called Morgan dollars, named after the guy who designed them. Theses too are common dates and retail for about the same as your peace dollars. The two Buffalo's ( Actually Indian head ) nickels are common and worth only a buck or so retail. The 1910 V nickel is not rare either and worth a buck. I would however look at the reverse of the 1912 V nickel and see if there is a mint mark to the Left of the words cents. If there is a D it is worth 5 or 6 dollars but if there is an S you got an .00 coin or maybe even higher if it is in extremely good condition. As for retail prices you can expect to take off 40% or so for the dealers profit. Never take coins to an antique store always go to a coin store. If you have World coins take them to a world coin dealer. Medals and tokens to people who deal in them. If you don't, you will not get full value for your items.

    How much are a bunch of old silver dollars worth found lots of them when cleaning out my grandfathers house?
    How much are a bunch of old silver dollars worth found lots of them when cleaning out my grandfathers house

    there from


    its 300 + of them i stopped counting

    and there is a 5 pesos Mexican coin its the same size as the US silver dollars its from 1948 and is made of silver
    about half of them look brand new and the others look black on the front and back but silver colored on the sides
    nobody knew they were there not even my grandfather we found them in the back of a dresser and they had to be there for the past 25 years i dont know how long he had them before that
    about 50 of them have a s mint mark on them
    i dont remember the rest of them i got tired of looking at them

    • ANSWER:
      We really need to know dates and mintmarks on all of the coins. Pictures depicting the condition of each coin would also be very beneficial.

      1 - Take your coin to a local coin dealer (trustworthy ones can be found - shop around). It never hurts to get a second opinion. They will be able to tell you so much more by evaluation the condition of the coins. They will also know the amount minted and what it is going for in today's market.

      2 - Try posting pictures on this website (there are many experts here that can help you evaluate it - there also may be people willing to buy if you are trying to sell):

      3 - Repost this question and include pictures. You can use websites like and include the link in your question.

      Good luck!

      P.S. You should not clean your coins. Most coin collectors see cleaning a coin as the equivalent of stripping down antique furniture and refinishing it.

      When cleaning, the surface metal of the coin is often stripped. Anything used to scrub the coin will leave scratches (even 100% pure silk will leave hairline scratches). Most cleaning products will have some type of reaction with the coin's metal and the surface metal can also be removed in this manner.

      Your best bet is to leave the coins alone. Cleaning the coin will leave traces - which can be found by the knowledgeable collector - who in turn will not buy the cleaned coin. Also if you ever wanted to send your coin into a grading company, they can recognize signs of cleaning and will send your coin back in a "cleaned" slab (also called a "body bag" in the coin world) - which is usually a greatly decreased value.

      If you absolutely must must must clean your coins do not use the method described above as it will react with the metal in your coin. Use 100% acetone (do not use fingernail polish remover!). It must be 100% pure because other additives will react with the coin metal. Place your coin(s) in the solution for several minutes (do not leave in for long periods of time). Rinse your coin(s) in distilled water. Next remove your coins and either pat dry with a soft cloth or allow the coin to air dry (air drying is better as you don't risk scratching the coin with the cloth). NEVER scrub your coins!

      I would still advise you to leave your coins as they are. They may not be bright and shiny but that is what most collectors prefer.

    Anyone know anything about coins?
    My father has a silver dollar from the year 1924. This may be a stupid question, but could it be worth anything more than just a dollar?

    • ANSWER:
      The coin is a "Peace Dollar", it shows lady liberty on the obverse and a perched eagle on the reverse, these coins were made from 1921-1935. The price depends greatly on the condition, and mint in which it was made, there is a mint mark on the reverse below "ONE" as in one dollar. if an "S" is found, the coin was made at the mint in San Francisco, this mint wasn't as large as the mint in Philadelphia, therefore the coin will cost more if from San Francisco. If no mint mark is found, the coin could be so worn that you can't read it, or the coin was made in Philadelphia. The dollar coin can be worth about to several thousand dollars if the coin is in that good of shape.

    how much is a silver dollar coin from 1924 worth?

    • ANSWER:
      If it is a 1924 US Peace Dollar, it might have a mint mark below the word ONE (plain, Philadelphia; S, San Francisco). The coin would have the following retail values for circulated grades: plain: US to US and S: US to over 0US. I hope that helps.

    I have a 1900, 1935, 1923, 1924, 1921, 1922 silver dollars. Are they worth anything? ?

    • ANSWER:
      Unless they are in really good shape or are particularly rare years, they are only going to be worth the silver in them. You need to educate yourself on where the mint marks are too. Google "US silver coins" and you'll find a number of sites of interest. A good local library may have a book you could look them up in as well.

      They do have an ounce of silver each in them, so they are worth at least .50 or so last time looked at the price of silver.

    Value of 1921 silver dollar E. Pluribus Unum?
    My mother has a 1921 Silver Dollar E. Pluribus Unum, I'm wanting to know it's value. Thank you!

    She also has 1924, 1923 & 1926 silver dollars and the value on them would be appreciated too.

    • ANSWER:
      Does the 1921 look EXACTLY like the other three? Or is it different? You want it to look like the other three. Those are Peace dollars. 1921 was the first year they were made. But 1921 was the last year the Morgan dollar was made; that's the different one.

      Condition of these coins is the most important thing to know. If they have any wear on them, the other three are pretty much worth just a few dollars over the silver value, maybe each. If the 1921 looks different, it's also about a coin. But if it looks like the others, that's one of the key dates in the Peace series, and in lower grades, it's still worth at least 0.

    I have 2 liberty dollars would like to now what the value of these are can you help please?
    the years on are 1922 and a 1924 both in fair/good condition under libertys neck kinda looks like there is a " A " on both coins if that helps ...... thank you for the help

    • ANSWER:
      The coins you have are commonly referred to as Peace dollars, and the "A" is actually an A over an F and they are the designer Anthony de Francisci's initials. The woman represents Lady Liberty, but de Francisci actually used his wife Mary Teresa as the model. The mint mark {S (San Francisco), D (Denver), or plain (Philadelphia)} would be located below ONE on the reverse, and the silver is worth just over for each coin. The value of each coin is between and , but a 1924-S is worth somewhat more than that. I hope that helps.

    i have a silver one dollar coin 1924 the eagle picture in the front could any1 plz tell how much its worth it?

    • ANSWER:
      1924 is a fairly common date for a US Peace type silver dollar. It contains .77 troy ounces of silver, which is worth . A coin dealer would pay around for it - more if it is in exceptionally nice condition.

      Anyone who would say that it is only worth is abysmally ignorant.

    1924 silver dollar worth?
    how much is this coin

    • ANSWER:
      Between - dollars. It depends on the conditions and existing circulation.

    Have i damaged these rare us coins and also what are their values?
    I soaked them in warm water and then wiped them dry, I got these from my Mom's Boss, he died and he had collected them and gave them to me. Am not selling soon, ill let them olden up some more.

    -1923 Liberty Silver Dollar (Slightly removed Detail)
    -1924 Liberty Silver Dollar (better detail that the 1923)
    -1889 Pluribus Unum Silver Dollar (Great Detail)
    -1884 Pluribus Unum Silver Dollar (Dark And Dirty) And Great Detail).
    -1884 Pluribus Unum Silver Dollar (Super Detailed)
    -1922 Liberty Silver Dollar (Shiny, Detail is light, But it is visible, instead of being Dark).

    Then i got a bunch of Old John F Kennedy Half Dollars, Some old quarters before your parents (Light Detailed in some of them). Should i polish them or leave them alone. If you want to see what the look like i can post in another question

    • ANSWER:
      You didn't damage them, per se, but you likely caused them to be worth less in value to a collector. Never try to clean coins.

      The older silver dollars are probably Morgan dollars.

      Without pictures or more knowledge as to the condition or the mint of origin of the coins, it's hard to say the value. Silver's way up in price so they're worth at least the price of the silver in them and that would be 15 dollars or so each.

      All U.S. coins from 1964 back were silver except for pennies and nickels. A wartime nickel was made of silver and will have a mint mark above the dome of Jefferson's mansion. The silver alone in that coin is worth over a dollar.

      After 1964, only half dollars contained silver and I think then they were silver clad. That and coins minted in San Fransisco which are primarily minted now for collectors.

    Selling coin collection. NEED HELP AND ADVICE!?
    I have a small collection of circulated silver coins that was passed on to me. I am considering selling them, because I am about to start medical school and any extra cash I can get my hands on means take out a little less loans. I know nothing about coin collecting, so I'm not really sure where to proceed. I'm trying to figure out if any of these coins have any value to collectors or if they are only worth the silver they are made of. I have heard silver prices are high now, so that would make it a good time to sell right? Where is the best place to sell them? Where is a good free source to look up individual coin values? All the coins are circulated and far from perfect condition. Here are the coins in the collection:
    1884, 1921, 1921D Morgan Silver Dollars
    1924 and 1922S Peace Dollar
    9 Franklin 1/2 dollars from years 1954--1961
    1965 Kennedy Half Dollar
    1945 Liberty Half Dollar
    11 dimes from years 1952-1963
    45 Quarters from years 1943-1964

    Any advice will be much appreciated! Thanks
    I never thought about going to a bookstore. That is a really good idea. Thanks. Just sort of using common sense though I believe that most of these coins are "junk" silver. So after I potentially pull out the few coins with collector value, how do I sell the rest for silver? Would I get the best prices by going to a place in person or using one of those mail in services on TV?

    • ANSWER:
      I can tell you with a fair amount of confidence that everything you have is considered junk silver. Your best bet would to be to list this as a single lot on eBay, where you will get very close to the spot market price (at the time) for the actual silver weight. Even after paying the 12% combined fees for eBay and Paypal, you'll come out ahead of any dealer offer. And, as far as the eBay buyers go, you're spreading the cost of postage out so that the postage cost per item is small. As opposed to the or so per single silver dollar auction. You might get a little more per coin, total price, selling them one by one, but after the buyer factors in that , your net price will be less.

      Your total actual silver weight for the entire lot is:

      (5) Morgan/Peace dollars 3.864 Troy ounces
      (10) half dollars 3.617
      (1) 1965 40% silver .50 .148
      (45) quarters 8.137
      (11) dimes .795


      Call it 16.5 Troy ounces. Spot market price as of this minute is 4. On eBay, you'll probably net close to 0. You could even try craigslist locally, where bullion buyers are happy to get all the silver they can. You might not quite get spot, but you should get more than eBay because there's no shipping involved. Just use caution in who you deal with, get cash, and meet in a public area.

      With dealers paying around 25 times face value, you'd get:

      5 (silver dollars - maybe as much as 5, or each)
      5 (half dollars)
      .50 (dealers are paying 9x face for 40% silver halves)
      1.25 (quarters)
      .50 (dimes)

      So you're looking at around 0, getting the best deal you can at a local coin shop. Stay away from the mail-in outfits, they pay ridiculously low prices.

    If i have a one dollar peace coin year 1924S. Where and how if i want t sell it? Thank you.?
    a picture od an eagle and underneath it a word "peace". and the other side ia a picture of a lady head.

    • ANSWER:
      The silver content alone is worth about at current prices. However, 1924-S is a somewhat uncommon date, so worth some premium based on rarity.

      You should sell it to a coin dealer. Not a pawn shop or general antiques shop.

      Value depends on condition. Here is a link to some online photos. Scroll using the large arrows. Compare your coin to the photos to get an idea of the grade.

      Do not clean the coin as it diminishes the value.

    How much are these silver coins worth alltogether?
    My grandfather passed away and he had a coin collection. none of the coins are in relly great condition. I just want to know the silver value. I want to get an idea about how much these coins would be worth alltogether. I did a little reasearch and found out the names of them. I listed them below. thank you.

    5 morgan dollars
    1 peace dollar
    2 1953 mexican 5 peso coins
    1 mexican 10 peso coin 1960
    1 mexican city olympics 25 peso coin
    1 mexican un peso 1958
    1 walking liberty half dollar
    2 russian 20 kopecs coins 1924
    2 roosevelt dimes
    2 mercury dimes
    1 standing liberty quarter
    1 german 2 riechsmark coin 1937
    1 canadian dime 1968
    1 canadian quarter 1968

    • ANSWER:
      The 6 US dollars: .77344 x 6 = 4.64 Troy ounces pure silver
      1953 Mexico .643 x 2 = 1.28
      1960 " .83
      1958 " .05
      1968 " .52
      US half .36
      2 Russia .0579 x 2 = .115
      4 US dimes .07234 x 4 = .29
      US quarter .18
      1937 Germany .16

      That's a total of 8.42 Troy ounces. However, some of the weight is lost as coins are worn in circulation, so 8.25 is probably closer to the actual weight. At current market price, which can rise and fall several dollars an ounce in the course of a week (it just rose 35 cents in the last 20 minutes), the silver is worth 3.( It was worth 0 twenty minutes ago - just to illustrate how much the value can fluctuate and how fast).

      The two Canadian coins might be 50% silver and they might not. Canada switched mid-year 1968 to copper-nickel. They would have to be checked. If they do contain silver, together the two have .13 OzT in silver for a current value of a little over .

      You can find out the exact weight in silver in almost any coin by going here and clicking on 'Find My Coin':

    what is the silver content of a 1920 george v half crown?

    • ANSWER:
      George V of the United Kingdom 1910-1936 Silver Half Crown Sterling silver (92 % silver) until 1919, then 50% silver

      Half-Crown coin of Oliver Cromwell, 1658The half-crown was a denomination of British money worth two shillings and sixpence, being one-eighth of a pound. The half-crown was first issued in 1549, in the reign of Edward VI. No half-crowns were issued in the reign of Mary, but from the reign of Elizabeth half-crowns were issued in every reign except Edward VIII, until the coins were discontinued in 1967. The half-crown was demonetised (ahead of other pre-decimal coins) on 1 January 1970, the year before the United Kingdom adopted decimal currency.

      During the English Interregnum of 1649-1660, a republican half-crown was issued, bearing the arms of the Commonwealth of England, despite the name of the coin's monarchist associations. When Oliver Cromwell made himself Lord Protector of England, half-crowns were issued bearing his semi-royal portrait.

      Interestingly, the half-crown did not display its value on the reverse until 1893.

      The half-crown coin was nicknamed the "half-dollar".

      History of the Half-crown by Reign
      Henry VIII of England 1526: The first British Half Crown was struck in gold.
      Edward VI of England 1551: Issued the first Half Crown in Silver. The coin was dated and showed the King riding a horse.
      1554 Mary of England married Philip II of Spain and the Half Crown was struck but was never issued for circulation. Three specimens exist.
      Elizabeth I of England gold Half Crowns were issued again. At the end of the reign silver half crowns were issued.
      James I of England gold Half Crowns were issued again. During the reign silver half crowns were issued.
      Charles I of England Silver Half Crowns were issued, including those struck as OBSIDINAL money, money of necessity during the Civil War period.
      Commonwealth of England Oliver Cromwell silver Half Crowns were issued. During years 1656 and 1658 Milled Half Crowns were issued of Oliver Cromwell
      Charles II of England 1663-1685 Silver Half Crowns were issued, and this period saw the end of the hammered issue of half crowns.
      James II of England 1685-1688 Silver Half Crown
      William & Mary of England 1689-1694 Silver Half Crown
      William III of England 1694-1702 Silver Half Crown
      Anne of Great Britain 1702-1714 Silver Half Crown
      George I of Great Britain 1714-1727 Silver Half Crown
      George II of Great Britain 1727-1760 Silver Half Crown
      George III of Great Britain 1760-1820 Silver Half Crown
      George IV of Great Britain 1820-1830 Silver Half Crown
      William IV of the United Kingdom 1830-1837 Silver Half Crown
      Victoria of the United Kingdom 1837-1901 Silver Half Crown
      Edward VII of the United Kingdom 1902-1910 Silver Half Crown
      George V of the United Kingdom 1910-1936 Silver Half Crown Sterling silver (92 % silver) until 1919, then 50% silver
      Edward VIII of the United Kingdom 1936 50% Silver Half Crown Not issued for circulation.
      George VI of the United Kingdom 1937-1952 50% Silver Half Crowns were issued until 1946 when the metal was changed to cupro-nickel
      Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom 1952- The last Half Crown was issued in 1970 at the time of decimalisation

      Victoria (Jubilee)
      1887 1,438,046 1,084 1890 3,228,111
      1888 1,428,787 1891 2,284,632
      1889 4,811,954 1892 1,710,946
      Victoria (Old Head)
      1893 1,792,600 1,312 1898 1,870,055
      1894 1,524,960 1899 2,865,872
      1895 1,772,662 1900 4,479,128
      1896 2,148,505 1901 1,516,570
      1897 1,678,643
      Edward VII
      1902 1,316,008 15,123 1907 3,693,930
      1903 274,840 1908 1,758,889
      1904 709,652 1909 3,051,592
      1905 166,008 1910 2,557,685
      1906 2,886,206
      George V
      1911 2,914,573 6,007 1924 5,866,294
      1912 4,700,789 1925 1,413,461
      1913 4.090.169 1926 4,473,516
      1914 18,333,003 1927 6,837,872 15,000
      1915 32,433,066 1928 18,762,727
      1916 29,530,020 1929 17,632,636
      1917 11,172,052 1930 809,051
      1918 29,079,592 1931 11,264,468
      1919 10,266,737 1932 4,793,643
      1920 17,982,077 1933 10,311,494
      1921 23,677,889 1934 2,422,399
      1922 16,396,724 1935 7,022,216
      1923 26,308,526 1936 7,039,423
      George VI
      1937 9,106,440 26,402 1945 19,849,242
      1938 6,426,478 1946 22,724,873
      1939 15,478,635 1947 21,911,484
      1940 17,948,439 1948 71,164,703
      1941 15,773,984 1949 28,272,512
      1942 31,220,090 1950 28,335,500
      1943 15,462,875 1951 9,003,520
      1944 15,255,165 1952 n/m
      Elizabeth II
      1953 4,333,214 40,000 1961 25,887,897
      1954 11,614,953 1962 24,013,312
      1955 23,628,726 1963 17,625,200
      1956 33,934,909 1964 5,973,600
      1957 34,200,563 1965 9,778,440
      1958 15,745,668 1966 13,375,200
      1959 9,028,844 1967 33,058,400
      1960 19,929,191

    COIN COLLECTORS! What are these coins worth?
    Hello! Well, my brother and I were searching through some of my old boxes and we found three coins that my grandmother (or great grandmother, one of the two.) had given me. I am really interested to know the value. I'm not expecting over 10 dollars, but that's fine. They truly are beautiful coins and I will most likely keep them until later years.. So here is what the coins look like:
    Coin #1 - The front side has two eagles that are touching by there feet. It is over an inch long. The coin is silver, and in MINT condition. It is the shiniest thing I've ever seen! The words around the eagles say : *** DOUBLE EAGLE COMMEMORATIVE *** BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION. The back side has a picture of the U.S. Constitution, and the words around it say : **** THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION **** 200TH ANNIVERSARY. And above those words in small letters it says : SEPTEMBER 17, 1987.
    Coin #2 - On the front side there is a bald man on it and I believe he has a mustache! The coin is dull silver and about an inch long. The words around the man say : VITTORIO-EMANVELE-III-RE-DITALIA. A bit confusing I know. The dashes represent dots between the "words". The back side has a pole like cylinder with lines through it and a couple lines across it at the bottom and top. And an interesting axe that has a small lion head on it. The words next to it read : BVONO DA LIRE . And the "DA" is smaller than the rest of the words, and beneath the words is a large number 2. The date says 1924.
    Coin #3 - This coin is a gold color but not shiny. Very dull gold.. It is the same size as coin #2. The front side has an image of an opened scroll that reads "LIBENTAD 15 DE SETIEMBRE DE 1821" in small letters. It also has two swords crossed in an X shape, possibly a bow and a sharp object and then long leafy things. Around the image it says : REPUBLICA DE GUATEMALA 2001". On the back side it has a large signature. The outer rim has dots surrounding it. Around the sig. on the top it says : Paz Firme y Duradera. On the bottom it says 29 de Dieiembre de 1996. It also has a big number 1 on it and below it in tiny letters it says Quetzal.

    I hope I was specific enough for you! I read every detail my eyes could read on the coins. Please give me detail if you know any specific data and information on the coins regarding when it was manufactured and it's history if possible. But, the main question is the value these days?
    All of the coins are in perfect condition. They don't have any scratches because they were in a box.
    Thank you so much. I will pick the best answer in a couple days. God Bless.

    • ANSWER:
      Coin #1 is worth about .00 for uncirculated condition. They are for sale on EBay. The coin was produced by a private mint for the 200th anniversary of the Constitution. There were many produced. Here's one on EBay.

      Coin #3 is a current 1 Quetzal coin from Guatemala, minted in 2001. It's worth about 13 cents. Here's a picture:

      Coin #2 is an Italian 2 Lire coin, minted in 1924. The metal is nickel. It's worth between and dollars from what I see on the web. (Condition is critical.) Here's a picture: The bald guy is Vittorio Emanuele III, the King of Italy at the time. The "pole/axe/lion head" are fasces, a symbol of power. Quite an interesting symbol, used in many places in the US government and armed forces.

    How much are these worth?
    I have a couple of coins that I would like to know if they have any value.

    1974 One Dollar coin (liberty) Thurman
    1994 One Dollar coin (liberty) JFK
    1976 One Dollar coin (liberty) JFK
    1979 One Dollar coin (liberty)
    1979 One Dollar coin (Susan B. Anthony)
    2000 One Dollar coin (S. Sacagawea, Cameo)
    George Washing Dollar coin
    1936 Mercury dime
    1940 Mercury dime
    1966 D-Silver Roosevelt dime
    1965 Silver Roosevelt dime
    1970 Canada penny
    1981 Bahamaion penny
    1980 Deutsches 10 pfenning German coin
    1924 Lincoln wheat penny
    1971 Mexican coin
    1964 penny
    1944 wheat penny
    1968 penny
    1945 wheat penny
    1959 penny
    1937 penny
    1960 penny
    not a whole dollar amount. I want to know what each coin is worth. (from coin price guide)

    • ANSWER:
      10 bucks

    VALUE OF HALF CROWNS? 1916-1949?
    a friend has asked me to look into the value of some (!) coins he has. either value or poninters where i could get quotes. they are all half crowns. thanks in advance

    1916...1 total
    1920...13 total
    1921...7 total
    1922...5 total
    1923...21 total
    1924...3 total
    1927...3 total
    1928...7 total
    1929...9 total
    1940...29 total
    1941...14 total
    1942...16 total
    1943...12 total
    1944...8 total
    1945...9 total
    1946...12 total
    1948...1 total
    1949..1 total

    • ANSWER:
      Note: values quoted are in $US. You'll have to do your own conversion to pounds.

      Without being able to see them and judge condition (which is important), I am going to have to assume that they are all of average circulation. As none of the dates are rare (the two lowest mintage years in your date range are 1937 and 1938, which you don't have), the value of the silver alone has risen so much in the last few years that the value of the coins as collectibles has gone up SOLELY because of the silver increase. As such, they are pretty much an investment in silver bullion. The exception is the coins minted 1947 and later. They have no silver and are worth maybe a dollar each. This is good news, as most of what you have is silver.

      The 1916 is sterling silver, .925 pure. The actual silver weight (ASW) is .42 Troy ounce, with a 'melt' value of .39 as of this minute's spot price of .26.

      The others dated 1920-1946 are .500 silver (50%). Each coin has an actual silver weight of .227 Troy ounce. There are 168 of them, yielding about 38 Troy ounces of pure silver, with a current 'spot' price of 00.

      If you were to take them to a dealer to sell them for the bullion value, you would probably be offered 75% to 80% of the spot price. Because the coins are not pure silver, they need to be refined to remove the base metals to yield pure silver. This not only costs money but causes a small amount of silver to be lost. For everything, you might be offered around ,000.

      The value can be significantly higher if the coins are uncirculated or nearly so.

    Which coins should I choose?
    Someone I know has several silver coins they are planning to sell for the silver in them. I have enough on hand to buy an ounce of silver from this person, but I have no idea what coins I should choose. The assortment this person has includes:

    Franklin half dollars (1952 and 1963)
    Walking Liberty half dollars (1937 & illegible)
    1964 Kennedy half dollars
    Morgan dollars from 1921-1924
    & a 1972 Bahamas Flamingo coin minted by the Franklin Mint

    I'd really like to pick something that has value beyond its silver content, but I have no idea if any of these coins do. Any help is appreciated!
    There are 3 Morgan dollars, all from 1921, and 3 Peace dollars (1 each 1922, 1923, and 1924).

    • ANSWER:
      Well, they stopped making Morgan Dollars in 1921, so if there are two silver dollars with those dates, and the same design, they're both what are called "Peace" dollars.

      If they are both Peace dollars, those are the ones to go with. The 1921 is one of the key dates in the series--even if it's worn to the point that the portrait is basically an outline with a few details left, dealers commonly sell those for close to 0.

      The 1924 might also be worth more than bullion value. On the reverse of the coin, to the left of the eagles tail, there may be a mintmark--a small letter "S". In that same condition, it would cost you about from a dealer, while the silver value in each of the dollars is about . A silver dollar contains .7734 troy ounces of silver, so buying both would get you about 1.5 ounces.

      Edit for additional information: For the 1922 and 1923 Peace dollars, the coins from all three mints have about the same value until you get to some of the nicer uncirculated coins. If they've got more than the slightest amounts of wear on them, they're going to be worth bullion value.

      The same holds true for the 1921 Morgans.

    How much is this coin worth?
    on the front it says "liberty" in big letters across the top then it has a picture of a women with a crown on her head, wich im thinking is the statue of liberty (its only the head not the whole body of her) on the bottom it says 1924 and across the middle it says "in gow we trvst' the u in trust looks like a v and i dont know if its a fake coin or a mistake on it or it is a u and im going blind! on the back it says "United.states.of.america" but the dots are in the middle of each word not on the bottom like periods. under that still acrosss the top it says "e. pluribus.unum".it has a big picture of a bald eagle on it under those words and the words one dollo across the middle. on the bottom it says peace. please help me and tell me how much its worth!!!!!
    i found a link! heres a picture of it on this website!!!!
    its worth more than face value considering ITS FROM 1924!!!!!!!! its not just a dollar its more!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Its value will depend on the mint mark and condition. A mint mark is a tiny alphabet located somewhere on the coin to indicate where the coin was struck, and in the case of the 1924 Peace Dollar(its nick), there should be an "S" just above the tail feathers of the eagle for a San Francisco Mint product or none if it's from Philadelphia. The Philly dollar is more common and valued at in circulated grades with average luster, up to for coins with more than half of their original mint luster. All these grades are for coins that have not been cleaned or polished. Uncirculated specimens start from to . The 1924-S(with the tiny "S") is more valuable. to for average grade average luster, to for same grade but with less wear, to 0 for dollars with sharp details. The value gap for this grade is large, so the level of wear and amount of original mint luster on the coin are the criterias for exact valuation. Uncirculated 1924-S dollars starts from 0 to 0. All genuine Peace Dollars contain 90% silver with bullion value of at least as for now.

how much is a 1924 silver dollar worth

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