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The majority of us would prefer our money in paper bill form, but for most of our history, United States money came in coins. For the average person, dollar coins were the most popular and the widest circulated. Even although coins have been minted in the United States in silver, others have been made in gold and in other base metal versions. Gold and gold-colored coins have also been produced by the United States. The current Sacagawea dollar is normally referred to as "golden". The United States Mint first released silver dollar coins, the first coins issued, in 1794. Nowadays, the term "silver dollar coins" usually refers to any dollar coins anyhow of the metal used. Most people call money made of white metal and worth one-dollar, silver dollar coins but that is not accurate. The term silver dollar may refer to any white metal coin issued by the United States with a face value of one dollar. Some insist that a dollar coin is not a silver dollar unless it contains some of that metal. The history of silver dollar coins is very extensive and many variations have been produced over the years. From 1794 until 1836, the United States Mint produced millions of silver dollar coins. The 1804 silver dollar is one of the rarest and most valuable coins in the world. Coin collectors highly prize all silver dollar coins from this period. Some of the different types of silver dollar coins include the Flowing Hair version, the Draped Bust style, and the Gobrecht dollar. The dollar coins made with silver that most people are familiar with are the Seated Liberty coin and the Peace Dollar. The Peace Dollar, produced before and during the Great Depression, was still in popular circulation even after World War II. Silver coins have always been a rich part of the United States monetary heritage. Attempts to revive these coins, even without the silver content, have failed in the last part of the twentieth century. The last time people took to these coins was the Eisenhower dollar made in the 1970's. A further attempt to get people to use these coins was tried with the Anthony dollar in 1980. Nobody wanted it. People had become too used to folding money. The Sacagawea dollar in a gold color, and therefore not really a silver dollar coin, started to be circulated in 2000. Other countries such as Canada, Great Britain, and Australia have had better success with their own versions of these coins. Of course, they forced people to use these coins as they withdrew the paper money in circulation for their one unit currency.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is a silver Certificate (paper money) worth?
    And also, how much is a silver dollar worth, or I guess I should ask, how much does it weigh?
    And also a half dollar?

    • ANSWER:
      silver certificate is categorized as representative money. It was a part of USA's circulation paper currency. These were made in a way that these would be redeemable in the face value of silver dollar coins and then later, raw silver bullion. Starting off as large notes, the size was eventually reduced in the year 1928. That was the year when rest of the US paper money size was reduced to what it is now.

    How much is a dollar bill from 1935 with silver Certificates worth?
    How much is a dollar bill from 1935 with silver Certificate worth?

    • ANSWER:
      00 I think

    what is a 1934 series D five dollar silver certificate worth?
    I have a Series of 1934 D R87088346A five dollar silver certificate.
    I was wondering how much it was worth.

    • ANSWER:
      The value will depend largely on the condition.

      In "good" condition a collector might pay .00 to .00 for itl
      In "uncirculated (63)" condition he might pay to for it.

      Of course, if you sell it to shop that will need to resell it to make a profit expect to receive less.

    How much is a 1934 dollar silver certificate worth?
    I am considering purchasing a 1934 dollar US silver certificate, I just wanted to know how much it is worth today. Thank you and please help fast!!!

    • ANSWER:
      If it is Series 1934, it isn't a Silver Certificate. All US Series 1934 bills are Federal Reserve Notes and have a green seal and serial numbers. Silver Certificates (which were printed in , and denominations) have blue seal and serial numbers.
      Series 1934 s aren't especially scarce and sell for around in low grades. Star notes and HAWAII overprint notes are worth 2 - 3 times face value.

    How much is a 1935 Silver Certificate worth in mint condition?
    I found a Silver Certificate from 1935 and I'm just wondering how much it is worth.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to any coin dealer and look it up in the latest BLUE BOOK

      Don't rely on what the dealer himself tells you, they only buy when they can steal something..they thrive on buying estates where the heirs have no idea what things are worth and don't want to put any time or effort into finding out or disposing of currency, coins or stamps * ...or old stock certificates or bonds.


      I recently bought some similar to what you found, as Christmas presents last year, and paid anywhere from to about .

      The one you have MAY be worth a goldmine if it has special features or has only a very limited number in circulation. The fewer things there are of ANYthing, the more valuable they become for just that reason.

      I would frame it beautifully and put in on a wall, and sell it that might get several hundred dollars for it..everything is in the marketing and presentation !!!!

      You already have something very valuable becuase it's in such great condition...why sell it, it is going to keep going up in value !!!

    How much is a 1935 D one dollar silver certificate worth?
    I have a 1935 D silver certificate $! bill. I got this from a friend and now I'm trying to figure out how much it's worth. It's in fair to good condition. The cerial number is C63564311F.

    • ANSWER:
      There are 2 types one has wide back 4 digit plate number of 5015 or less, it sells for around in grade very fine and goes up from there in higher grades. The other one has a narrow back and plate number 5017 and above, it sells for in grade extra fine. The plate # is located on the front to the right after the words Washington DC. Since the series date is not the date a note was issued but the date authorized and a letter added when a new signature was used you note was printed well up into the world war II era of the 1940's, that being the case it is not scarce or rare unless it is the wide back one. Hope this helps

    What would 1934 uncirculated silver certificates with serial numbers in succession be worth?
    I have 15 five dollar silver certificates from 1934. They are uncirculated the serial numbers are in succession. Are they worth anything?What are they worth?

    • ANSWER:
      The series 1934 silver certificates have a retail sell value of in crisp uncirculated 63 and 5 in grade crisp uncirculated 65. The consecutive serial numbers will add a litttle more value. Please note the vaules given are an average sell price and dealers pay at least 40% less. You must take them to a dealer that has a good inventory of currency, not just a coin dealer to get the most money.

    How much is a 1934 series c five dollar silver certificate worth ?
    1934 series C five dollar silver certificate with blue seal, serial number is Q11294117A.

    • ANSWER:
      It has no collector value. THey made millions. Bills have never gotten the attention that coins get. Your bill is worth ..

    How much is a 1934 10Dollar Silver Certificate worth?
    I have a good condition, 1934 Silver Certificate 10 dollar bill. With the blue lettering in the front left corner and the seal over the gray word TEN.

    Is this worth anything at all other than 10 dollars?

    • ANSWER:

      (1) The seal is blue,
      (2) The condition is actually "good" and
      (3) The serial number does not contain a star

      the average price paid by a retailer is approximately and the average price charged by a retailer is approximately .

      If the seal is yellow instead of blue, the average price paid by a retailer is approximately 5 and the average price charged by a retailer is approximately 0.

      If the serial number includes a star the price will higher than if there is not a star in the serial number.

      Obviously if the condition is better than "good" the bill will be worth more. In "good" condition a bill may be heavily circulated and worn, possibly stained or scribbled on. Edges could be frayed or "dog-eared." There may be holes larger than pin punctures, but not on the central portion of design.

    What is the value of US silver certificate dollar bills?
    I have 6 silver certificate dollar bills from 1957 and one .00 bill from 1976. Any ideas if they are worth anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Not as much as you'd think, sorry! .00 may be worth 3 and the silver certs are probably worth about the same! There are a few that are worth more to collectors! You need to advertise them somewhere and let potential buyers take a look! I'm in the same boat, I have about 2,000 in various old bills and can sell them.

    How much is a misprinted dollar bill worth?
    I have a dollar bill that has a heads and a tails. But on the tails side it has a heads side printed over it also. But, the heads side that is on the tails looks mirrored. I also have a 1957 A series silver certificate dollar how much would that be worth?

    • ANSWER:
      I found one too about six months ago. It is pretty neat. I do not think it is fake but messed up. I almost spent it but now it just sits at home in the drawer. I also found a messed up quarte about two years ago. If you find out the value let me know... If you wanna sell urs let me know. I DO NOT THINK it is fake like the other guy said. So do not spend it just yet.

    Can I use a one dollar silver certificate today in trade for silver coins?
    I just found 4 1957 silver certificate dollars and was wondering if I could cash them in for silver coins. Anyone know?

    • ANSWER:
      Silver Certificates were abolished by Congress on June 4, 1963 and all redemption in silver ceased on June 24, 1968.

      At a bank, it's worth , but a nice crisp uncirculated one is worth about .00 to a currency collector.

    How much is a oversized dollar bill worth?
    I have a oversized dollar bill in great condition and i heard its worth up to 00.
    Does anybody know what its worth?

    I also have a silver certificate dollar bill in great condition.

    • ANSWER:
      Series 1923. = to 0 depending on condition. Great condition is not an accurate description for currency collection purposes. Check on EBay as many are auctioned there.

    How much is this silver certificate 1 dollar bill worth?
    I have a 1935 Silver Certificate one dollar bill. I was just wondering about how much is this worth these days?

    Thanks for your answers.

    • ANSWER:
      On eBay, they range from two to five dollars.

    How much is a dollar silver certificate worth?
    I have a dollar, blue seal, 1935e series, silver certificate and I want to know how much it is worth right now.

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately, '35E silver certs are quite common, with over five billion printed between 1953 and 1957. With any wear on it, it's going to probably bring you less than if you sold it to a dealer

    What is the worth of a 1935-F Silver Certificate Dollar Bill?
    How much is a blue seal 1935-F Silver Certificate US bill worth or how do I determine its worth?

    • ANSWER:
      Value is dependent on condition and serial number.

      On average it is .00 in very-fine.

      That said there are some rare serial numbers that start at 0.00.

    Are two dollar bills silver certificate worth anything?
    I have aquired two dollar bill certificates, series 1935. Do people collect these. Are they worth anything.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes silver certificates are, and will continue to be, collector's items. Originally issued to "back up" silver reserves, these have been out of circulation for many years. If you have any please hold onto them until you know their value.

    What Is a ten dollar bill star note worth?
    Series 2003 in ok condition
    also what is a one dollar bill silver certificate worth series 1953 a in uncirculated condition?

    • ANSWER:
      The 10 isn't worth more than face value unless it's like new condition, the silver certificate on average is 5-8.00.

    what is the worth of a 1957 silver certificate 1 dollar bill?
    hi, i have two 1957 silver certificate 1 dollar bill. one of them is a series A and the other one just says series 1957. i am just curious at how much they could b worth. thanks for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      . At one time, the silver certificates could be taken to any bank and redeemed for in silver. That was changed.

      It is mostly fun to keep as a family heirloom. Bills have never been as popular as coins in the world of collecting. There are millions of Silver Certificates still in existence.

    how much is a silver certificate worth?
    I have a series 1957 silver certificate dollar bill! Does anyone know how much its worth?

    • ANSWER:
      Compare the very many 1957 series bills on eBay to yours for condition. Condition is the most important thing, and then things like serial number oddities and what branches of the Federal Reserve system issued them. Most aren't worth a lot unless they're crisp and unhandled like the day they were printed. My father had a stash of them, all well-circulated, and they were worth maybe a 10 cent premium over face value, in bulk. He'd have been better off spending them.

    How much are silver dollars worth?
    I have two silver note dollars. They look like dollar bills but they have silver edition. Or silver certificate. How much are they worth? Or are they just worth a dollar?
    If they are worth something, where can i go to exchange them?

    • ANSWER:
      If you spend them, they're only worth . However, you might look into some coin collectors and see if they have a value as a collector's item.

    How can I find out whether older paper money is worth anything?
    I have a Series 1957 and 3 Series 1957B silver certificate dollar bills and a Series 1953 and 7 Series 1976 bills and am wondering how I can find out if they're worth anything. Thank you for any help.

    • ANSWER:
      EBay. Categories -> Coins and Paper Money -> Paper Money US -> Small Size Notes -> Silver Certificates (the blue ones) / United States Notes (red ones) / Federal Reserve Notes (green ones)

      Those notes probably are only worth a little over face value. The government printed billions of them and there is a perception that they are rare because you don't see them in circulation. But they're not.

      People sell all three of those by the hundred on eBay.

      There are some small-sized (post-1928) notes that are rare but what you have is fairly common. It can be an interesting a relatively inexpensive collecting hobby though.

    What is the value of my 1928 b silver certificate?
    Well, I have a 1928 b silver certificate one dollar bill with a blue seal with G84918481 B written on it and the Treasurer is W.O. Woods and the Secretary is Ogden L. Mills

    I can't tell much more so if anyone can help me find the value because someone told my grandfather that it was worth 00

    • ANSWER:
      You won't get rich off of it. Depending on the condition it's worth about to . The best thing to do is check with a coin dealer to get a better idea of it's worth.

    What is the value on a 1957 silver certificate one dollar bill.?
    I ran into a 1957 silver certificate one dollar bill, and I am not sure of its value, any help? I also have a 1976 bill, but if I am not mistaken, they are not worth anything.

    • ANSWER:
      Value is between .00 to .00, depending on condition.

    is there any way to clean a silver certificate dollar bill and/or make it look newer/crisp?
    I was given a silver certificate from 1928. It lwas handed to me in a plastic protective cover sleeve, but the bill itself is a little (just a little) worn/wrinkled. Is there anyway to clean these bills to look new and crisp once again? I know it wont be possible to get it looking like a brand new bill, but maybe something close to it?

    • ANSWER:
      DO NOT CLEAN !!! You will de-value the certificate. It's worth more original - leave it in the plastic protective cover sleeve. There quite a few still in circulation so the value isn't that great, but in time it may be worth alot more than face value. Keep it safe.

      # Silver Certificates these small size (current size) notes are similar to today s Federal Reserve Notes except that they have blue treasury seals and serial numbers. In circulated condition, they carry only minimal premiums over face value. Some exceptions are replacement notes (which have a * as part of the serial number) and a few of the very early series, as well as notes with errors or special or fancy serial numbers. When in doubt, consult one of several price guides that are readily available.

      # United States Notes these small size notes have red treasury seals and serial numbers and again command only modest premiums over face value if in circulated condition. 0 s, particularly in uncirculated condition, do bring premiums over face value.

      # Silver Certificates stamped HAWAII or with a yellow treasury seal these issues were used during World War 2 for use by American troops in the Pacific (HAWAII) and the Mediterranean theatre (yellow seal). These notes do have collector value over and above face value depending on condition and the denomination.

    How much is an 1889 silver certificate dollar worth?
    Hey guys, the other day i was at my school's library looking around some old history books and i ran into a book with a REALLY OLD paper dollar inside. It's completely different than the ones from today, it's from 1889 and it's black, with a black eagle in the middle and a blue "1" to the left and a blue seal to the right. The back is green with another seal and some writting inside it. Anyone knows how much this is worth?

    • ANSWER:
      ONE MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY FOR YOU YOU'RE RICH BECAUSE YOU STOLE A REALLY OLD PAPER DOLLAR FROM YOUR SCHOOL LIBRARY BOOK GO U ROBBER, THE DOLLAR PROBABLY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WITH THE BOOK, BUT YOU STOLE IT! HOORAY! NOW YOU'RE RICH!

    How much is my 1 dollar bill silver certificate worth?
    I have a silver certificate that is pretty worn and slightly torn with the serial number: " * 00900900 E "

    (as in it has a star at the beginning of the serial number)

    Could someone give me an idea of how much this dollar bill is worth?
    It has blue ink, but does the serial number itself besides the star make it any more valuable??

    • ANSWER:
      The series year is needed for full value.

      But that said you have a radar and star note.
      At least .00 but I suspect more depending on series year and letter. (1957-B or 1934-A)

    I have a buffalo nickel? How much will it cost or how much can i sell it for?
    I also have silver half-dollar coins. And a Silver Certificate Dollar, a "series 1935 G", the one with blue seal... What is the suggestive price if I sell it to a collector or just to anybody?

    • ANSWER:
      HI NIK, It depends on what kind of shape the nickel is in.if the nickel is in great shape it would be worth quite a bit. the silver half dollar if in great condition would be worth alot.the silver certificate dollar if in great shape should be worth alot too. i would go to a book store and see if they have a coin book with what revenue is worth in todays market.good luck,a friend.


    Are the one dollar silver certificates worth anything now ?
    Are they worth more than a regular dollar or are they just old ?

    • ANSWER:
      If they're in good shape they're probably worth something to a collector, though not too much. They're the kind of thing that you want to put away and rediscover in about 30 years when they may be worth quite a bit more.

    What is the value of a 1928A one dollar bill?
    I am needing to find the value of a 1928A Silver Certificate one dollar bill. It is in good condition.

    • ANSWER:
      A 1928A 1$ silver certificate in very fine condition is listed in the Red Book of U.S. currency as being worth .00.Very Fine is the lowest grading listed for that note and a VF note may show some folding and have been used slightly and may have some dirt smudges. However it should not be torn or show heavy use.

    How much is my 1953A silver certificate five dollar bill worth?
    I'm just really curious. I almost gave it to the cashier at walmart then decided that i didn't want to give it away in case its worth something. So if someone could please help me out it would be much appreciated :)

    • ANSWER:
      As a rule between 5 and 10 dollars. depending on the condition. And if you had it in your pocket folded up it is NOT in excellent condition so closer to the 5 dollar range.

    How much would a series 1928 A silver certificate be worth?
    i have this one from 1928, and also a silver certificate from series 1935 G. any idea of the values? thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      About a dollar and a quarter. I have ten of the these form 1923 to 1929 I had some one look at them last year. I have gold certificates too.

    How much is a 0 bill from 1864 worth today?
    It says "Confederate Treasury Notes" and is in perfect condition.

    I also have another that is a from 1899 and is a silver certificate five dollar bill.

    • ANSWER:
      The Confederate 0 would be worth 50 - 100 dollars as a collectible, assuming it is genuine. Fakes of all better Confederate notes are plentiful.
      The Series 1899 Silver Certificate with the Indian chief on the front is actually a highly sought after type. Assuming that it is genuine and in decent condition, you shouldn't have any trouble getting 0 or more for it. Nice find!

    Can you tell me if these coins and dollars are worth anything?
    I have a few silver certificates dating 1935E, 1957A, 1957, and 1957

    I have 6 bills, one of them is red from 1928, another is red from 1963, the other 4 are from 1976.

    I also have a silver 1923 peace dollar with the miss print "In God we trvst"

    I have 2 dollar bills, both are "holiday" currency, one has a picture of an angel, one of santa. I doubt they're worth anything, just curious.

    Are any of these worth anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Check the values of your first ten at the link below. All Peace dollars have TRVST on them, and yours would be worth between and in circulated grades with an uncirculated example worth more than that. It might have a mint mark below ONE on the reverse: D (Denver), S (San Francisco), or plain (Philadelphia). I would have to say the last two items are novelties which are probably not worth much. I hope that helps.

    How do I use my red book to determine how much my silver certificates are worth?
    There is a column in my red book "No." What is that abbreviated for? Where can I find that information on the dollar bill or certificate?

    • ANSWER:
      i dont believe in these books.... Just ask question at... he is an expert.......he will answer u in need to register...just ask.....any paper money or coin......the best site i have ever seen

    how much is a 1929 silver certificate 100 dollar bill worth now?
    i have a whole stack of silver certificate 0 bills that my grandmother left me and i would like to know how much they are worth because i know they are collectible.

    • ANSWER:
      There are no 0 silver certificates. The series 1929 0 note is a Federal Reserve Bank Note. The key word here is Bank, so it is not a Federal Reserve Note. It sells for 0 in grade fine, 5 in grade extra fine and 0 and up in crisp uncirculated. Hope this helps. Dealers pay at least 40% less.

    How much is the silver dollar certificate worth today?
    It was made in 1954.

    • ANSWER:
      These puppies sell on ebay all the time...look it up

    Are silver certificates worth any more than the original value? I found some in my parents safety deposit?
    after they passed away. There is a five dollar and several two dollar certificates.

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely depends on the condition...I have several myself, but if they are not in good condition, I don't think they are worth much.

    How much is the silver certificate?
    It is a 1 dollar bill - Series 1935 G serial C81825993J with numbers 6698 on the back. It has many wrinkels and a few folds.

    • ANSWER:
      From your description it sounds like the bill would be considered in "good" condition. That would make its value around .00 to .00 to a collector.

      It can no longer be exchanged for silver, so its value is not related to the price of silver. It is still legal currency worth .00 if it is ripped, dog-eared or has holes in it, things that would reduce its value as a collectible item.

    On Average, How much is a 1935 silver certificate dollar worth?
    If it helps i can tell you the Serial number and such.

    • ANSWER:
      Try and post it on It is free and a great place to find out the value of just about everything. Include a picture in the listing, it helps a lot.

    How much is my 1935 C silver certificate 1 dollar bill worth?
    its cerial # is C84765518F
    The connditon Is better then fair it has no rips or tears no drinks spilled on it, i just wanna know how much its worth?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately, 1935C silver certificates are pretty common. In a typical "average circulated" condition, you might get .50 or so from a dealer.

    How much is a 1957 US Silver Certificate dollar worth?
    I have one. I don't know if it matters but the serial number ends in an A and there is not a star.

    • ANSWER:
      Your best bet would be to price compare on Ebay:

      The link above are current auctions happening now. If you have an Ebay account you can check the finished auctions using advanced search.

    Could these old dollar bills be worth more than a dollar?
    I found 2 one dollar bills that were made in 1957. They look alot different than todays money. And at the top they say silver certificate. Could they be worth more than a dollar? How would I find out?

    • ANSWER:
      I got some of those a few years ago from a department store while shopping. Mine are from 1929, I think. Anyway, I looked up the value of them, and they are worth, .00 each. And I thought I had gotten lucky, and maybe had something of value with these dollar bills!!! Oh well. I still have them. Hey, maybe in a few years they will go up in value by a couple of cents each, LOL!

    How much is a 0 dollar bill from 2001 with a blue seal worth?
    I'm also wondering if the blue seal on the hundred dollar bill is a silver certificate.

    • ANSWER:
      No silver certificates have been printed since Series 1957B. All Series 2001 0 bills are Federal Reserve Notes and should have a green seal and serial numbers.
      The first thing we need to do is make sure it is genuine. You have probably done this already, but for the benefit of any future readers: Make sure the note has a watermark and that the watermark is Franklin (Some counterfeiters bleach the ink off of bills and use a color copier to make it 0, but the watermark won't change.) Second, look at the mylar thread embedded in the paper. It should have "USA 100" in tiny letters on it. In addition, the thread glows under a black light, if you have one handy.
      If it checks out as genuine, then the next possibility is that the note has either been bleached (the seal and serial numbers should be the same color, regardless) or it is a genuine error printing (very unlikely, but possible, I suppose), in which case you would want to show it to a local coin dealer.

    How much money would a 1935 dollar bill be worth now?
    The dollar doesn`t look like a regular dollar bill. It says "Silver Certificate" on it, and it has a blue seal on it that says"Thesaer Septen Sigil" it says something like that. It also says "Series 1935 5"
    It`s in good condition. It just has a vertical across it. And it`s a little bit wrinkly.

    • ANSWER:
      Send it to me and I will let you know.

    How much is a 102 year old dollar bill worth in good to mint condition?
    My grandfather is moving out of his house and into a retirement home. While going through his things he came across a 102 year old ten dollar bill. (US currency). I was wondering in anyone has any insight as to how much it may be worth. I know its hard to know without seeing it by any clue would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      There are two or three different things your note could be, and all of them are good. You need to provide more info as to which one your note is.
      The first possibility is the Series 1907 Gold Certificate with the portrait of Michael Hillegas at the front center. There are six different signature combinations, and even the most common signature note will sell for 0 on eBay in average circulated condition. Here is one that sold yesterday on eBay:
      It could also be a Series 1908 silver certificate (which is worth about twice as much as the previous note) or a National Bank Note (which has the name and charter number of a specific National bank on it. Value is anywhere from 0 to several thousand, depending on condition and which bank).

      Please provide more information (design / portrait, signatures, type of note: Silver certificate? Gold Certificate? National Bank Note?), and I can help you. By the way, to a collector, Good is a very heavily worn note. Grades go from there to Very good, Fine, Very Fine, XF (Extremely Fine), AU About Uncirculated, to UNC (Uncirculated) and Choice UNC.
      Saying a note is in Good to Mint condition really doesn't tell me much. Note that the note in the eBay lot I linked to has been professionally graded Fine, which is fairly worn if you look carefully.

    How much is a golden stamp and a 1950 1 dollar bill worth?
    How much is a golden stamp worth? It says "32 USA" on it. with a picture of william dickinson
    The 1 dollar bill says silver certificate and stuff on it.

    • ANSWER:
      1996 --- Pioneers of Communication --- William Dickson --- 32cents.
      Unused in excellent condition it is worth [FAQ-ANSWER].46.
      One of a set of five stamps.

      Dollar Bill
      Most silver certificates including 1935 and 1957 series are only worth about 25 to 50 over face value unless in uncirculated condition which will bring about .00 per note.

    How much is a silver certificate one dollar bill worth?
    It's a 1935 series E version with a blue seal. Not many creases and is crisp.

    • ANSWER:
      You would think it would be worth a lot since its from 1935, however silver dollars aren't worth all that much. On eBay they sell for a couple of dollars.

    I have a silver dollar certificate and I would like to know where can I go to get the vaule or how much it is?
    I have had them for a while one of them is a little worn but the other one it looks new not torn or anything like that.

    • ANSWER:
      Silver certificates expired years ago. They are only worth anything to a collector. If it is a rare year, or in new condition, or both, they will be worth something, otherwise, they are between 50 cents and 5 dollars.

    How much is a one dollar bill from 1935 worth today?
    I found a 1935 dollar bill. It looks weird. It says "silver certificate" at the top instead of Federal Serve Note.

    • ANSWER:
      It is officially only worth one nominal dollar.
      But collectors will pay more. LG

how much is silver dollar certificate worth

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