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    How much is a 2005 1 oz. fine silver one dollar coin worth?
    I have a 2005 1 oz. fine silver one dollar coin. It has a a walking lady with a sun on one side and an eagle with a shield and 13 stars on the other side. It also says Liberty on the front. It is a little over 1 1/2 inches across and it is 1/8 of an inch thick. Any ideas on how much it is worth?

    • ANSWER:
      You have an American Silver Eagle bullion coin. Lady Liberty is the same as on the Walking Liberty half dollars of 1916-1947.

      Silver has been on fire, but Jim overstated the value. It did just crack the barrier a few minutes ago on the world market, but by morning, it could be back down to the mid- range, or it could end the day tomorrow over . Nobody knows.

      The Eagles are very popular coins and worth, to silver investors, at least a few dollars premium over whatever silver is worth at the time. The dealers in my area pay several dollars below the spot value of other US coins, but for the Eagles, they will pay above spot price. So if the metal is at at noon tomorrow, I can get for one from the dealer. Finding a collector who will buy just that one 2005 from you for more won't be easy, though, because 2005 isn't a scarce date. You could probably get to above spot on eBay if you shipped it for free, and after fees and paying for the postage, you'd end up with what the dealer would give you, or a little bit less. Which is why a lot of people sell to dealers. They don't want the hassle of selling themselves.

    How Much Are 2000-2004 US Flying Eagle Silver Dollars Worth?
    I was cleaning out some stuff and found some US silver dollars (one each 2000-2004). They are the US Flying Eagle 1 oz fine silver dollar coins. Are they worth selling or only worth ? I tried finding the answer online but came up blank.

    • ANSWER:
      There are no silver flying eagle dollars issued from 2000-2004. You must mean Silver Eagles they have a Walking Liberty on the obverse and an eagle with it's wings open but is not flying, on the reverse. They are actually larger than the old Morgan silver dollars. I hope they were in some kind of protective device. the 2000 through 2004 sell for the same .90 each. Dealers of course pay less. What you have is considered a bullion coin and it's value depends on the price of silver and mintage. The reason it has a dollar on it, is to legitimize it as a coin of the U.S. It was a sneaky way to make a medal a coin.

    How much is a 1901 Walking Liberty Dollar worth?
    The front has a walking liberty with a sun and rays in the bottom left corner. The year is imprinted under the liberty, and In God We Trust is written on the bottom right. The back is an eagle with its wings open holding a banner in its mouth that says E Pluribus Unum. There are 13 stars above the eagle. It says 1 oz. FINE SILVER-ONE DOLLAR on the bottom.

    • ANSWER:
      Your best bet is to take it to a jeweler and have them appraise it

    How much is this coin worth and where can I sell it or cash it?
    I have this coin that's 1 oz. Fine silver that says one dollar on the back. I looked up how much the coin is worth and I found that its worth nearly . It's dated 2007. Problem is, I don't know anyone who will want to buy it. Can I cash it somewhere like a bank or something? Please tell me what you know. I have no use for this coin and I'd rather have cash.

    • ANSWER:
      If it says one dollar on the back, then yes you can cash it in at the bank. They will give you one dollar for it.

      If you want to get what it's worth, at least in silver content, you'll probably want to sell it to a coin dealer. You could also try eBay, many coins get bought and sold there.

      It sounds like you have a Silver Eagle (they have walking liberty on the front, a eagle and shield on the back). They have a face value, but contain 1 troy ounce of silver. A troy ounce of silver is going for about today (it fluctuates often).

      2007 wasn't a rare year or anything. Unless it's a proof or graded, you should probably expect about from a coin dealer, or about on eBay.

    How much is my set of liberty walking silver dollars worth?
    My set ranges from 1986-2012 from fair condition to extremely uncirculated. All coins are 1 oz. fine silver (99.93% silver). All coins are in order in a collectible booklet. Also, should I keep this collection or sell it?


    • ANSWER:
      Walking Liberty was the half dollar issued from 1916 - 1947. You have the silver Eagle coins with the obverse modeled after the Walkers.

      These coins should not ever be in Fair condition unless one has been abused. There are two versions, bullion coins and proof coins, but none are intended to circulate and acquire wear. Coins that are not uncirculated are going to be scrap silver coins you will get less than market silver for.

      You say only that your set ranges from 1986-2012. You do not say that you have the full run, nor if you have any of the collector-only 'burnished' coins that have mint marks - the strictly bullion coins have no mint mark. So, not knowing precisely what you have, all I can say is that uncirculated bullion coins are going to be worth - each except for the 1996, which is worth or more. A complete date run of bullion coins, all 27 coins, will get you more per coin because someone doesn't have to spend the time plus either gasoline or postage to track down single coins. Maybe in the 0 - 00 range. Proofs go for more.

      As for if you should keep them. Pricing on these is always going to be as volatile as the silver price. If silver makes a big drop, like it can, the value of these will take a big drop too. Most numismatic coins aren't as tied to the price of the precious metal in them, so price swings aren't as dramatic. So, there is more risk to you in keeping these as an investment than there would be for other coins. Personally, I love them for their beauty and I'm keeping my sets.

    how much is a 1998 1 oz. fine silver one dollar coin worth?
    I have 2 1998 and 1 1999 1 oz. fine silver one dollar coin. It has a a walking lady with a sun on one side and an eagle with a shield and 13 stars on the other side. It also says Liberty on the front. Any ideas on how much it is worth?

    • ANSWER:
      The coins that you have sound to be the American Silver Eagle.

      They are probably the world's most popular bullion coin.

      Value of this coin is directly related to the price of silver, rather than any "collector" value. Your coins will be worth roughly silver price plus around .

      Today's silver price is AU, so your coin is worth just over .

      hey will go for more on eBay, but then you have to pay fees.

    How much is a 1 oz. fine silver dollar coin worth as of right now?
    The coin is from 2004 and has lady liberty on the front and the eagle on the back.

    • ANSWER:

      But this is an American Bullion Silver Eagle it has a collectors value of in Uncirculated.

    Can you tell me what these coins are valued at?
    1998 Walking Liberty 1oz Fine Silver Dollar
    1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar
    1893-O Bakers Half Dollar
    Morgan .999 Fine Silver - 1 Troy oz. (There isn't a date on this one)

    I'm sure there isn't much value in any of these, but they aren't doing me any good sitting in a box.

    • ANSWER:
      On Monday, silver closed on the market at .05 per ounce. The 1998 1 OZ Silver is worth around that figure as is the Morgan Silver 1 Troy Ounce piece. The 1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar is worth to for its silver content and could be worth more if it isn't worn. The 1893-O Hald Dollar (Barber) is worth more to a collector than just for the silver in it. It coild be worth to several hundred depending on condition. Someone who knows coins and is not going to try to buy it from you for 50 cents should evaluate it. Try going to a coin club.

    How much is my coin worth?
    I can't find anything about it. It's 1oz .999 fine silver. It has 13 stars on each side. One side has a mini declaration of independence on one side and on the other a lady's face with the word liberty above her. The stars go around both pictures everywhere except the bottom of the coins. Please help me

    • ANSWER:
      It is called a silver round and falls into the category of medals. Coins are government-issued money.

      These are made to be silver investments for those who can't afford the 100 oz ingots or ,000 face value bags of 90% junk silver coins. They're also sometimes made for collectors.

      Collector rounds with the more popular subjects sell for much more of a premium over the silver price than generic, patriotic-themed rounds like yours. Say, for example, rounds of baseball players. With silver at an ounce, a collector might be willing to pay for a Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle (in top condition only), but not care at all about lesser names.

      Investors in silver that don't have tons of money will pay one to three dollars above the 'spot' price of silver for common rounds. Dealers pay 90% or less of 'spot'.

    What is a 1 oz. fine silver one dollar coin worth?
    it is a Liberty silver dollar.
    It is a US coin and it does say it is 1oz fine silver on the coin.
    it is a 2004

    • ANSWER:
      Do you mean an American silver eagle.It has a walking Liberty with sun and rays at the bottom left. The date is under liberty and In God We Trust is on the lower right side. The reverse has an eagle with open wings. It says on the bottom one ounce fine silver-one dollar. If so it is indeed made of .999 silver which is very pure. I would need to know the date for a value. If your item does not have a date and does not say one dollar then it is what is called a silver round and is not a coin. It's value depends on the price of silver for it should be made of .999 silver also. Without a date this is the best I can do.

    What is a Liberty 1 oz. fine silver dollar worth?
    it is from the year 1999

    • ANSWER:
      I believe you have an American Eagle Silver Dollar Coin, that is if it has an eagle on the back.
      Very early 1990's proof coins can fetch 0, and more recent ones about , but current silver rates are at about an ounce. So I guess anywhere from to would be a safe guess.
      I hope this helped.
      Happy Holidays!

    what is a 2003 1 oz fine silver dollar coin worth if it is all dented around the edges?
    the coin is the one that says liberty and has a lady holding her hand out and a sun in the bottom left corner and on the back its the eagle with a shield on his chest and 13 stars on top

    • ANSWER:
      Even with the damage, it still contains one troy ounce of silver. My guess is that a coin shop would pay 75 - 80% of spot silver for the coin (around at today's silver price).

    Does this have more than Silver value?
    What is my silver coin worth? American silver eagle.It has a walking Liberty with sun and rays at the bottom left. The date 2004 is under liberty and In God We Trust is on the lower right side. The reverse has an eagle with open wings, with 13 stars between the wings. Around the top is says UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and on the bottom , 1 oz. fine silver-one dollar.

    • ANSWER:
      Somewhat more than silver value maybe about 10% due to the premium value of being a silver eagle.

    how much is this silver dollar worth?
    well im a cashier and while i was counting a drawer noticed that someone paid with it( decided to "buy it")

    it has liberty walking in the front and the eagle shield in the back, on the back bottom it states "1 oz. fine silver one dollar"(date 1988)

    • ANSWER:
      Its legal tender, so its worth 1 dollar, but the silver inside the coin is "worth" .22

      You scored !

    What is a 1902 1 oz. fine silver one dollar coin worth?
    its in good condition

    • ANSWER:
      The only dollar coin minted in 1902 was the Morgan dollar and it is 90% silver and is .77344 oz of actual silver weight not 1 ounce. If this is what you have there is liberty on the obverse (front) and an eagle with spread wings on the reverse (back). The coin could have a mint mark, if so it is on the eagle side near the bottom under the wreath above the DO in dollar. The scarce one here is the S (San Francisco) mint mark value starts around and goes up. The others are and up depending on grade. If your item says 1 oz .999 silver then it is what is called a silver round and is not a coin but actually a medal. It is valued at if it has wear.

    How much is a 1986 1 oz. fine silver one dollar worth today?
    I have a 1 oz. fine silver dollar. It has the eagle on the front with the 13 stars, and on the back it is liberty with the sun and reads in god we trust with the date 1986 at the bottom. It is a little worn, u can tell its older, but has not been handle much with hands. Its been sitting in my coin box for ages. Im now trying to bring in extra cash anyway i can and i was told this coin was worth some money. Somebody please let me know b/c i dont want to sell it if its not worth enough.

    • ANSWER:
      The side with Liberty on it is the obverse (front) the eagle side is the reverse (back). The 1986 silver eagle as it is called sells for .50 and dealers pay at least 40% less. The value given in for one in mint state ones that have been mishandled for they do not circulate are worth only the silver value at the time of sale minus a % the dealer takes off for profit. It pays in the end to protect ones coins.

    How much is a 1987 USA 1 oz. FINE SILVER -ONE DOLLAR worth?
    In God We Trust & walking Liberty on one side & spread winged eagle on the other in soft plastic

    • ANSWER:
      That is a common date and only worth the value of the silver, which today is .50. A dealer would pay around for it.

    i have a 1989 walking liberty one oz fine silver one dollar whats it worth?
    also have a silver 1953 0.720 cinco pesos hidalgo and a 1953 50 francs

    • ANSWER:
      My local coin dealer sells common date American Eagle (Walking Liberty) dollars for spot plus . Today, that is around .50. He pays spot for them.
      The 1953 Mexico Hidalgo 5 Pesos coin is worth little more than the silver content. It contains 0.6431 troy ounces of silver, which is about .30. A coin dealer will pay about 80% of that.
      I assume your 1953 50 Francs coin is French. It is worth 50 cents to .00 as a collectible.

    How much is a 1998 1 oz. fine silver one dollar coin worth?
    with a lady on it

    • ANSWER:
      It's an American Silver Eagle. Value depends greatly on if it's a bullion silver coin - which will have no mint mark, or if it's a proof, which will have a mirror-like background and Lady Liberty will be frosty and will really stand out from the background. It will have the P mint mark, on the reverse to the lower left of the eagle. It is a collector coin.

      The bullion coins sell for anywhere from a dollar over the market price of silver to somewhere in the - range for premium over silver. Right now that's around , so may see one offered for - .

      The proof coin generally sells in a range from (a little less for the odd example on eBay) - +.

    What are the value on these coins? ?
    I have a few coins from along time ago that belong to my dad and I want to know the value of them, or to a collector.

    One is a 1 Oz. Fine Silver-One Dollar Liberty coin from 1987
    I have 60+ silver quarters from the 50's
    50+ silver dimes from the 50's
    10+ 50 cent coins from 60's
    and there's a few others I can't identify along with many Peso's too.

    Is there a coin website i'd be able to identify more coins with, and where would I be able to sell some of these? TY

    (also no dumbasses trying to be smartasses I.e. dimes are worth dimes)

    • ANSWER:
      You have nothing that is scarce and there are really no free sites to go to that one can look things up quickly. Most want to sell you a coin or coins. Silver has dropped in value and they are worth the silver value only. They would have to be in mint state to have a collector value. Dealers were paying 7 times face value but that may have changed. As for now the best thing is to just hold onto the coins and do a wait and see thing.

    1 oz. silver-coin dollar worth?
    It has a walking Liberty with sun and rays at the bottom left. The date is under liberty and In God We Trust is on the lower right side. The reverse has an eagle with open wings. It says on the bottom one ounce fine silver-one dollar. I have 1 1990, 2 1991, 2 1992, 1 1993, 1 1994, 1 1995, 1 1996, 1 1997, 1 1998, and 1 1999. I was wondering how much each are worth. O and they are all in a clear case with a foam ring around them so as far as i know they have never been touched buy human hands.

    • ANSWER:
      They are American Silver Eagles. They are worth a premium above the silver market price. The thing to know is are they 'business strike' or 'proof' coins? Proofs are generally worth more, because they were made for the collector market, while the business strikes were made for the bullion investor (though collectors want them, too). The proofs will have polished, mirror-like backgrounds and frosted designs.

      If you have the business strikes, the 1996 is the key coin in the series. They are selling for - on eBay. The others are selling for -, including the cost of postage. If the seller is charging a higher shipping cost, the buyers are paying less for the coins. So if you were to sell the entire group as one lot, you would get more for the coins because the total postage cost (you could ship them priority with insurance for or less) would be spread out over ten coins. Someone buying them a coin at a time will end up spending to just on combined postage.

      This is as of today, with silver at +. If it drops back down to , the collector value won't change for the 1996, but the bullion value for the rest of them will drop about each. If the price goes back up to , the 1996 might budge a bit, and the others will be in the - range (with postage).

      For the proofs, the prices are quite a bit higher and the value of the silver is not an issue. The 1994 is the key, that one is -. The 1993 and 1995 are better dates, -. The rest go in the - range.

      If you were selling these today, I would ask 0 for the business strikes as a group, and 5 for the proofs.


    • ANSWER:
      This is an American Silver Eagle (made 1986 to the present) one-ounce bullion coin that has been altered after leaving the mint, by a private company, and sold as a collectible. Serious coin collectors do not buy these.

      These were marketed at significant premiums to the price of silver, and the cost a 'plain'silver eagle, back in 1999-2000, when silver was under an ounce. People thought they were nice collectibles and were willing to pay extra.

      Normally, when you see something like this, the 'silver melt value minus a dealer percentage' holds true. But, believe it or not, people are actually paying current 'melt' plus a dollar or more above for these on eBay. There are all kinds of them for sale and that have sold - not just colorized Liberty, but some with the eagle colored as well, and some with entirely different designs painted over Liberty, Ronald Reagan, patriotic scenes, etc. The actual sales prices are sometimes down around a dealer's 'buy' price of or if the buyer has to pay or for shipping. When the shipping is free, it's up to to .

      Sometimes, sets of different designs, or all Liberty but different years, are assembled and sold, and those have been doing better than silver value. There was one set of 15 coins, 1986-2000, in a wood presentation case, that went for 0. Today's melt value on that is 0. That's a nice premium.

      So, if someone tells you it's worth , just say no.

    What are my coins worth?
    I have 8 Liberty Silver dollars (I think they are called Standing Liberty or something like that). They have Liberty walking on one side, and the American Eagle on the other, and are labeled 1 oz. fine silver. I know they aren't valid currency as such, and that they are essentially collectors coins. They are years 2001-2008, uncirculated and mint condition, sealed in hard plastic and red velvet circles. I also have 2 really decent condition 1964 Kennedy half dollars, which I understand are mostly/partially real silver as well. I know the price of silver fluctuates, and from what I understand US coins can't be melted or anything, so...Anybody know what all of these coins would be worth? Thanks so much in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Easiest way to get a rough estimate is to look for similar coins on eBay and see what they're selling for.

    I have a silver dollar. ?
    It has no date on it. Back has .999 fine silver and 1 Troy oz. with an eagle. Front has Liberty, In God We Trust and the walking Liberty lady. Is it real and is it worth anything?

    • ANSWER:
      An ounce of silver is worth about .37 these days. Without a date, it is a bullion coin, not a collector's item.


    Coin Rarity and Value?
    Okay so i have three coins (listed below) and i need someone who knows their coins to please give me the rarity and value of the coin :)

    1) 1996 American Eagle Silver Dollar. Perfect condition and proof of authenticity

    2)1 Troy oz, .999 FINE 1991 American Silver Eagle Dollar in case and no papers of authenticity

    3) "Two Silver Classics" 1943 Liberty Walking Half Dollar and 1994 Murcury dime in case with papers of authenticity.

    • ANSWER:
      For the two eagle coins - are they proofs, or just regular bullion coins? Proof coins will have surfaces that are mirrorlike, and details with a frosty appearance that really stands out from the surfaces.

      Proof coins were made for collectors, and generally sell for 15 US dollars (or more) above what the bullion coins sell for. The bullion coins are very popular, at least in the US, and because of this, they sell for more of a premium over the silver value than do other one-ounce silver coins or 'rounds'. At the current silver price of just under , the bullion Eagles go for -.

      However, the 1996 is the lowest mintage of the bullion Eagles and is considered the key coin in the bullion series. A dealer wouldn't pay you anything extra, thinking you probably don't know the difference. He'd turn around and put that one in his display case for at least US. You might get for it.

      The other two coins are common (I assume the dime is 1944, not 1994). They are probably of average circulation. Private vendors have large stashes of these, and they will prepare special packaging for them and give it a fancy name like 'Two Silver Classics' or 'Wartime Silver' or something else to make them sound special. In the market, they are basically worth just the silver. The half dollar, about .50 and the dime, about .25, US. You probably don't see a lot of them where you are, though, so another collector might pay a little more.

      If you'll notice, the Walking Liberty half obverse design is the same one used on the silver Eagles. The Eagles are beautiful coins, and if you ever find a Walker in brilliant uncirculated condition, they're just as beautiful. One of the best designs ever on a US coin.

    Why do some 1/2-ounce silver coins cost the same as some other 1-ounce silver coins?
    I've see Ron Paul silver coins going for about :

    And I see one-ounce silver coins for the same price, but twice the weight:

    What's with the large price difference?

    • ANSWER:
      it is quite obvious that few people here can evaluate a scam here....[shaking my head]

      Ron Paul Silver coins ARE NOT solid silver coins.

      Look at this site....notice the coin itself is stamped 1/2 troy ounce...that is the weight of the coin...not the weight of silver in the coin.

      "Introducing the new .999 Fine Silver "Ron Paul Dollar" !
      2012 Ron Paul Dollars 1/4 oz .999 Fine Silver"

      The coin only has 1/4 of hopefully a troy oz but it does not say could be an ordinary ounce which is less

      So as far as silver content what is this coin worth....well currently silver is about /troy ounce
      so with only 1/4 ounce (I said hopefully it is a troy oz) it is only worth about /coin.

      Why can they sell these "coins" at such a high price???? Because SUCKERS will buy them.

      If you are going to buy silver coins BUY REAL SILVER COINS FROM YOUR MINT!!!!

    I have a silver .999 troy oz coin. It has the US Peace coin look but it has the date of 1989. What do I have?

    • ANSWER:
      This is likely a "silver round": minted privately by any of a number of companies. This particular round is marked .999 to signify the silver fineness (i.e. this is about as nearly pure silver as you can get, 999/1000 fine) and its weight (1 Troy ounce, a measurement used when weighing precious metals and slightly heavier than an ordinary ounce used in the USA).

      Some of these rounds bear images that look like historic American coins, such as the Peace, Morgan, and Seated Liberty Dollars, to name just a few. But unless they're particularly rare or sought after by collectors, most are just worth approximately their silver value; in this case, about -18 - the value of 1 Troy ounce of pure silver - as of this writing in mid-April 2008.

    hi there, i was looking up on ebay for coins and i found this walking liberty coin, which is the one i have, but i noticed something different on mines. the lady's dress is gold plated so is the sun, i did a research on the internet and i couldn't find it, i found the all silver ones, but not the one i have, i don't think it's fake 'cause many people have told me to keep it , and it's heavy too, does anyone knows the value (i know is somewhere aroun 20-50) but i don't know, any guesses???

    that's a link of a the coin i have, i mean, that's not mines but is the same as the one in the picture, and it's a 2002 not 1942 n_n

    • ANSWER:
      First of all the walking liberty 1/2 dollar was minted from 1916-1947. That is a series by itself. What you saw on the net if dated 1986-2008 is the silver American eagle coin. It is larger than a 1/2 dollar and has a different reverse than the walking liberty 1/2. The silver American eagle has an obverse like the walking liberty 1/2 but the reverse has a eagle with its wings spread and at the bottom of the coin it should say 1 oz fine silver- one dollar. If this is the case it is real and liberty and the sun have been gold plated. This was done as a gimmick to make them look nice so they can be sold to non coin collectors. Coin collectors consider the coin damaged so it has no value as a collectible. It is worth the silver in it and who knows 20 years from now. The minute the state quarters showed up people started to gold plate them and colorize them so they could make a few extra dollars on someone else's idea. The silver eagle are also colorized and actually look nice even though coin collectors won't buy them. The 2002 silver eagle is not rare so yours is worth around maybe more if you find someone that likes the gold plate. Hope this helps.

liberty 1 oz fine silver dollar worth

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