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Peace Silver Dollars Values

Coin collecting is a very popular hobby among many, and involves collecting legally minted currency from all over the globe. The most sought out coins are those that were only in circulation for a short period of time, and are usually minted with especially beautiful or historical pictures. A US silver coin is a great addition to any coin collection, and is one of the most treasured varieties of coins in the world.

The US silver coin is most widely known for the underlying message issued on many of them, ranging from stern warnings to messages of hope and everlasting peace. The face of our beloved "liberty" is also commonly seen on the us silver coin, usually with an olive branch and a protective shield. The American eagle is also popular among silver pieces, usually holding the olive branch for peace and a set of arrows representing war.

Many coin collectors were amazed by the time and effort put into each US silver coin, which actually lead to them no longer being in circulation and a very hard item to come by. Because the silver coins were only in circulation for a short period of time, the supply has decreased at a very alarming rate and made the US silver coin one of the rarest coins to have in a coin collection.

The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most sought out coins in the US silver coin collection, and is considered one of the most beautiful of all United States coins. They were minted back in the late 1800s, and even after 100 years are still considered the King of all United States coins that have ever been in circulation. It is a coin that shows the detailed excellence put into each piece of money, and also shows long term profit potential in the hot coin collecting market.

The silver market offers collectors and investors a wide variety to choose from, since silver was used for several pieces that were put into circulation. Dimes, quarters, and half dollars dated prior to 1965 were minted out of 90% fine silver, and many pieces in circulation condition are readily available. They are typically sold in bags with a face value of 00, with 2,000 half dollars, 4,000 quarters, or 10,000 dimes in each bag.

Bags containing coins in uncirculated condition, meaning in almost perfect condition, carry a higher value per bag than those in circulation condition. Bags that contain coins with the same date are also valued higher than those with different dates, with the 1964 Kennedy half dollar being the most popular and expensive uncirculated US silver coin.

The most widely collected coins in the world are the US silver dollars, especially those minted between 1878 and 1904 or 1921 to 1935. They are nicknamed cartwheels, and come in two different designs. Like other silver coins of the same time, the silver dollars were minted of 90% pure silver and 10% copper. Each coin has a silver net content of 0.77344 ounce, with a bag weighing at least 50 ounces more than a bag of silver quarters, dimes, or half dollars.

Even those who are not devoted coin collectors like to invest in silver coins, because they are some of the most beautiful pieces of silver ever created. Both circulated and uncirculated pieces contain some of the most intricate and detailed designs, most of which are nothing compared to coin designs currently in circulation. A US silver coin is an amazing piece to add to any coin collection, or even a nice item to cherish by even those who are not into coin collecting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    I am a new numismatist. Is there a website that gives daily actual values of silver dollars and other coins?
    I know what I paid for the silver dollars that I bought. But, what are they really worth now? I need a website reference. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      There is nowhere I am aware of that gives "daily" values, but there are a few that update regularly. The first link has values for PCGS certified and slabbed coins. The second link requires a subscription, and it gives the same values found in the Coin Values magazine from Coin World. I hope that helps.

    How do I go about changing most of my money to silver dollars?
    Can you still order them from banks? Do they have a cap on how many that you can get?
    If the dollar continues to lose value, Silver dollars SHOULD retain value and are relatively easy to spend. How can I go about that?

    • ANSWER:
      The "silver" dollars you get from banks aren't silver. They're clad; a combination of copper & nickel. You want pre-1964 dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars.The best way to buy 90% silver coins is e-bay. Just make sure the shipping isn't too expensive on the auctions you bid on. And don't overbid the value of the silver. It closed at .40 oz. on Friday.

    What is are the values of an 1889 P and 1896 P Morgan Silver Dollars In Uncirculated condition?
    I went through a jar of old coins that I found and these to are the ones in the best condition. I am an avid collector and I know my coins well but I am away from home right now and don't have my books with me so I was hoping you guys could help me out.

    • ANSWER:
      1889 Morgan in MS-63 & MS-64 , 1896 Morgan is the same.

    Silver Dollars?
    How do you find out the value of your silver dollars? Where can you sell them? I live in a rural area with no coin dealer or pawn shop. I have probably about 30 - 50. I know one goes back to 1890's.

    • ANSWER:
      You will just have to wait to you can get to a coin dealer. I live in the sticks and there is a coin dealer about 30 minutes away. A pawn shop is out of the question, you will be taken. Go get a Coinage or Coins magazine and that will give you at least an Idea of value. It will be retails but at least you will get an idea of worth and the price spread from grade good to uncirculated. You need a coin dealer to grade the coins for grade determines value. Pawn shops and antique dealers are the worst places, to sell coins. take a trip to a coin dealer or a place where there may be a couple of them. That is the best I can tell you.

    Old Silver Dollar Values!!!!!!!?
    is there anywhere online i can get an honest answer to the value of my old silver dollars? i have several dating 1922 & up!

    • ANSWER:
      Coin collectors and dealers use the forums on this website. I have used them for several months and they are highly reliable.

    what is the 1921 morgan silver dollars value?

    • ANSWER:
      depends on the condition more than anything else. At least about -.

    where is the best place to sell silver dollars that are not antique for their silver value?

    • ANSWER:

    What is a ballpark estimate for the value of US silver dollars from 1921 and 1882 in decent to good condition?
    From a coin collector point of reference.

    • ANSWER:
      There are 2 1921 silver dollars, the Morgan one that has a bust of liberty and on the reverse an eagle with spread wings. That one is worth to in circulated grades. The 1921 Peace dollar has a liberty but there are rays on the top of her head and the eagle on the reverse looks left with wings folded. That coin is some what scarce and is worth 0-5 in circulated grades. The 1882 is a Morgan dollar and may have a mint mark, it is located on the eagle side at the bottom under the wreath. There are 2 scarce mints on is CC for Carson City and there is an over mint mark an O over an S. The others are common is circulated grades and are worth to . The CC mint marked one and up and the O/S and up. Values are about what a dealer would pay.

    What are Silver dollars worth by weight in silver? Morgan dollars 1800's to early 1900s?
    Average value collector value would be appreciated, weight in silver value. the more detailed the answer, and with citations will get the best answer.

    • ANSWER:
      .5895 is the current "melt value" of Morgan Silver Dollars. That is the value using the price of silver as of July 19, 2010.

      See first source under "calculating today's melt value", if you include the 10% copper in Morgan dollars the price in .60.

      You don't want to melt Morgan Silver Dollars because they are more valuable as historical coins than their silver melt value, see second source, and I noticed someone changed their entire answer.

    What is the value of a 1816 US Silver Dollars?
    I Am trying to find the value of either an 1816 or 1876 Libery Silver Dollar US mint?
    I Am trying to find the value of an 1816 or an 1876 Liberty Silver Dollar US mint?

    • ANSWER:
      Well for one any US silver dollars from 1816 are fake because the US did not mint silver dollars between 1804 - 1835 and chances are that the 1876 dollar is fake due to the surprising amount of Chinese counterfeits showing up on the internet recently.


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