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Without precious metals and silver projections I don't see the future as being too rosy. Take silver for example. It is utilized in 2,000 different industries. There will always be a demand for silver and as the "poor man's gold" it is still affordable for everyone. It is not only a precious metal it is an industrial metal. With the course that it has taken in outperforming gold it remains the single best investment out there. One expert believes that it should be at a 10:1 ratio in comparison to gold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the value of my 1923 s dollar coin?
    I have a 1923 silver peace dollar coin and its pretty much in good condition. What would the value of it be?

    • ANSWER:
      Very worn condition -
      Moderately worn -
      Slightly worn -
      Almost no wear -

    How much is a 1922 Peace Dollar worth?
    I have a 1922 Peace Silver dollar, i see no mint mark, just a weird looking a thing under her neck. How much is this coin worth? I'm selling but I need to know a general price.

    • ANSWER:
      The 1922-P (which has no mint mark) has the highest mintage in the Peace series. The 1922-D and 1922-S are fifth and fourth, respectively, with only 1923-S (3rd) and 1923-P (2nd) having more produced.

      Thusly, all 1922 Peace dollars are considered to be common. Unless they are in brilliant uncirculated condition, a condition a collector will insist on because coins in this condition are still easy to find, yours is only going to be of interest to someone wanting the silver. A small-time buyer of silver may pay a small premium over the current market value of the silver, about , maybe as much as for it. But a dealer or 'we buy gold and silver' shop will offer no more than .

    Which is better to buy, silver dollars or silver rounds?
    Since the value of the dollar is going down I have been investing in silver and gold. But, i'm not sure which is better to buy. There are silver rounds, silver bars, and silver dollars (coins). Which one will hold its value the longest?

    • ANSWER:
      Interesting question. Silver dollars are a little different from generic silver. They have some collector value. They are very popular with collectors also. I am not sure why because they are as common as dirt, but they do. The Morgan dollars are somewhat more popular than the Peace dollars although there were many many more minted. The Peace dollars are somewhat less common except for the 1922, 1923 without mint marks.

      In general you will get a lot more for your money by buying the silver 100 oz bars. The mark up per ounce is a lot less.

      Another alternative that you did not mention but which is worth a consideration is silver dimes, quarters and halves. These generally are available at a smaller premium than the silver dollars. And if worst comes to worst, they might be the preferred medium of exchange. You might be able to buy a pound of steak for a silver quarter for example.

      If inflation takes off (perhaps I should say when), the collectible silver dollars might actually increase in price faster than generic silver. They absolutely skyrocketed in the early 1980s. By collectible I mean ms 63 grade silver dollars--absolutely uncirculated with a minimum bag marks. The common dates are currently going for about .00 to .00 each in the Morgan. In the Peace about about to .

      The cc mint mark Morgans are very popular indeed. They are currently running better than 0 for the most common dates. I recall when they were about and the Peace and Morgans were about .00.

      One thing about collectibles though. They can be somewhat difficult to sell for a fair price although Ebay has done a lot to level the playing field.

      It helps to hedge your bets. Some of each.

    How much are my silver dollars worth?
    I have a few silver dollars and Im wondering if they're worth anything. The quantity and dates are as follows...

    one 1926
    five 1923
    one 1922
    one 1921

    • ANSWER:
      There is a dependence on condition, and whether the 1921 is the last of the Morgan dollars worth less or the first of the Peace dollars worth somewhat more.
      The metal content is currently about each, so the low value is about each. Better conditions have collector value and the 1921 Peace dollar would be about . Much more value by condition.

    How do I find the value of a 1880 silver dollar coin?
    We also have an 1884 and several from the early 1900...1921,1922, 1923, 1924, and 1925. My dad doesn't think they are worth anything, but I have a feeling they are.
    Thanks for any help you can offer me to find a value for these.

    • ANSWER:
      First of all in order to get an answer to your question and not a guess you need to look at the dollars and see if they have a mint mark.on the Morgan dollar type which has a bust of liberty and an eagle with out stretched wings. On the eagle side the mint mark if any is located below the wreath. On the Peace dollars liberty has rays coming out of her head and the eagle faces right with wings folded the mint mark if any is located below the word one. There are 2 types 1921 dollars on a Morgan which is common and one a peace which is not. The common ones for these dates are worth .50 to about in circulated grades. Knowing the mint marks of the Morgan dollars can change the value in some cases by a lot. The 1922-1925 peace dollars are quite common. The above values are about what a dealer would pay for circulated coins.

    Can you tell me if these coins and dollars are worth anything?
    I have a few silver certificates dating 1935E, 1957A, 1957, and 1957

    I have 6 bills, one of them is red from 1928, another is red from 1963, the other 4 are from 1976.

    I also have a silver 1923 peace dollar with the miss print "In God we trvst"

    I have 2 dollar bills, both are "holiday" currency, one has a picture of an angel, one of santa. I doubt they're worth anything, just curious.

    Are any of these worth anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Check the values of your first ten at the link below. All Peace dollars have TRVST on them, and yours would be worth between and in circulated grades with an uncirculated example worth more than that. It might have a mint mark below ONE on the reverse: D (Denver), S (San Francisco), or plain (Philadelphia). I would have to say the last two items are novelties which are probably not worth much. I hope that helps.

    where would i go to find the value of old coins?
    ive got a 1886 silver dollar, a 1923 silver dollar (durring the depression) and a 1945 half dollar. i dont know where to go to find the value of them, if there is any. lol. thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      The common names for your coins are as follows:
      1886 Morgan dollar; 1923 Peace dollar; 1945 Walking Liberty half dollar
      There may be a mint mark (D Denver; O New Orleans; S San Francisco; plain Philadelphia), and please find the marks using the link below. The silver dollars are worth at least , and the 1886 Morgan would be worth as follows:
      plain up to , O up to over 0, S up to over 0, if circulated.
      any 1923 Peace would be worth up to if circulated.
      any 1945 Walking Liberty would be worth between and if circulated.
      If the coins are like new (uncirculated, mint state), they would be worth more. All of these prices are retail, but a dealer would pay wholesale prices. By the way, the Great Depression did not start until October 1929. I hope that helps.

    Is there anyone out there who is a coin collector?
    I have been given these rare coins that my mom saved for me since i was a little girl..and one of the real silver dollars from 1923...has a misprint on the front. Is this worth anything to a coin collector and how do I find out about it? I need about at least twenty responses because I've heard that misprints can be worth something. Please help? Advice? Thanks again.

    • ANSWER:
      Misprints are worth something to collectors who specialize in them. Misprints were supposed to be removed from circulation so they are more rare if you find them. But many collectors do not like them - they are specialty item for coin collectors who like misprints. Since there is no real guide for how much the misprint is worth, it is mostly supply and demand (unless the misprint is a famous one). Your local coin shop will give you an idea of its street value before you list it on ebay. Look in the phone book for coin shops in your area.

      I once has a bill that was misprinted (a second bill was printed over the first one in the top margin) - the mint cut it wrong. No one would pay me much more than for it.

    What is a 1923 silver liberty dollar worth?
    The coin is in excellent condition and has an A mint mark under the neck of Lady Liberty.

    • ANSWER:
      The A is actually a monogram for Anthony de Francisci the designer. The mint mark is on the eagle side below the word one near the eagles tail, if there is one. there is no mint mark for the Phiadelphia mint. No matter what the mint mark is the values are the same .00 to .50 in circulated condtions good to extra fine. If there is any wear on the eagles breast or other feathers or Liberty's hair then it is not mint state. The coin does have more value in mint state and the 1923-D seems to have more value in high mint state grades.

    How much is this coin worth?????????
    Its a 2003 1oz. fine silver dollar coin. Its got a walking liberty on the front with a sun with rays in the bottom left. In god we trust is on the right of the front. On the back of the coin is an eagle with a creat. it says its silver too. how much is it worth now???
    it may be a sivler eagle
    It's in a sealed case too

    • ANSWER:
      It's too new to have any value other than it's weight in silver, or, assuming it's currency, face value.

      *The only reason a 6 year old silver coin would have any value past it's weight would be because of a limited run (rarity). If this is a minted coin (US Currency), it's unlikely they stamped so few that it's worth 23 times it's face value in only 6 years, regardless of condition. I have much older silver dollars that aren't worth that much (1923) and my mother has an 1879 which is probably worth far more than that.

      After further research...,2003-american-eagle,873307.html

      Silver closed Friday 9/18/09 at roughly /oz

      Since when were newly minted Silver Dollars worth so much? Have I missed something in the past 10 years? I thought age was supposed to mater with coin value. What changed? Why is this coin so special?

    I have a 1 dollor silver dollar dated 1923 that is marked TRVST instead of TRUST?
    Very good condition and not handled that much.

    • ANSWER:
      The "V" is normal.
      1923 The value is between - for fine and -5 for mint state
      1923D The value is between - for fine and -,300 for mint state
      1923S The value is between - for fine and -,750 for mint state

      l q

    What is the approximate value of a 1923 One Dollar silver certificate?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on condition.

    Would a 1923 American silver dollar be worth much?
    my grandfather has one and he is not sure how much it is worth. any help would be appreciated!
    what about a 50s era 5000 peso coin?

    • ANSWER:
      The 1923 Peace dollar is a common date and it's value is in the silver in it. Right now the coin is worth around .15. That is the value of a circulated coin, in mint state the value goes up depending on the mint state grade. You must be mistaken on the date of the Mexican coin or on the denomination. No such coin existed back then that was 5000 peso's. The first 5000 Peso coin was dated 1988. More info need here.

    How much would a complete set of walking liberty half dollar coins in fair condition cost?

    • ANSWER:
      Fair condition is unacceptable to collectors. It is one notch above poor. The very scarce coins, the 1916-S, 1921, 1921-D and 1938-D are still worth a premium over the silver value, but all the others are what is called 'junk silver', even those that are semi-keys. PCGS values a complete set in Good-4, in their holders, at about ,900, though you probably wouldn't be able to assemble such a set. Most coins are easily available in much better condition and you just don't find the common dates certified by professional grading companies, in the lowest grades, because it's not worth the cost.

      I'm guessing that most of your coins are quite a bit better than Fair, and that it's a matter of you not knowing coin grading. A typical raw set in the Good range for dates to 1923, and Fine or better for anything after that, would go in the neighborhood of ,000.

    How much are these coins worth?
    My Grandfather past away three years ago. We decided to plant a tree in the back yard and when we dug the hole up we found a small lunch box with his name and a letter saying I could have these coins. Now I'm just curious to know how much they are worth please help!

    1. 1922 Silver Dollar
    2. 1851 Silver Dollar
    3. 1923 Silver Dollar
    4. 1921 Silver Dollar

    • ANSWER:
      First the bad news- the 1922 and 1923 dollars are probably worth around to each depending on condition. If the 1921 is a Morgan dollar (lady on coin has no spikes in hair) then it too is likely worth to or so. If it's a Peace dollar (lady on coin has spikes in hair), then it's around a 0 to 0 coin. There can be mintmarks on some of these coins but it's unlikely to affect the value much (unless the coins are like brand new which they probably aren't) so I won't bore you with the details. Now the good news- the 1851 (if real) is a very scarce coin and worth anywhere from ,500 to ,000 (that's not a typo) depending on condition. You should take it to a local coin dealer and get his opinion on it and if it seems real, send it in to a professional grading company (such as Numismatic Guaranty Corporation). You'll have to pay around or so but they can give you a guarantee that the coin is real, and what condition it's in.Seeing as how it could easily be worth as much as a small car, it's worth the investment. Congratulations- that's one heck of a find!

    Value of a standing liberty quarter dollar?
    Does any one that has experience with coins tell me the value of a Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar, and please no websites, i dont understand any of them.

    • ANSWER:
      There are two different major varieties. Generally speaking, the 1916 - 1923 coins are much more valuable because the date was on a raised area that wore away quickly. If you can't read the date, then the coin is worth only the silver content.
      The 1924 - 1930 coins are more common (These were redesigned so the date was on a depressed are and didn't wear away easily). Value varies widely due to condition, date, and mintmark.
      You need to go to the library and find a good reference book like the Yeoman "Red Book" of US coin values. You coin can be anywhere from to several hundred dollars. Without a good photo, I woundn't even try to guess a value for your coin.

    How much does my coin cost?
    OK. my grandma has this coin she has been saving for a LONG time its a dollar coin from the year 1000 lol im jk its from 1923 and its like faded so i guess its old...:/ can i even sell it? how much money is it worth please give me some answers:)

    • ANSWER:
      Value of us silver dollar 1923?
      1923 Peace Dollars are so common circulated coins with no mintmark sell for 16.00-.00. Coins with a D mintmark are .00-.00 and the S is .00-.00. The actual value depends on the grade...

      I have also seen them for as low as $ 3.75. It will depend on the condition of your coin

    What is the approx. value of these coins and paper?
    Below is a list of what my grandfather just passed down to me and I would like to see how much they are worth. Not looking to sell, just wondering how much I have with all this stuff.

    1. Very old silver certificates: 1899, 1923, & 1957 None are in great shape, very worn out.

    2. 7 Silver 1964 Kennedy halves

    3. 3 Indian Head pennies. Dates 1859, 1890, 1908

    4. 5 Liberty head nickels, dated 1904

    5. 2 Lincoln Pennies, dated 1963, 1938

    6. 1819 Draped Bust Type 50 cent coin

    7. 1818 Cornet cent

    8. 1940 Jefferson nickel

    9. 1875 Liberty seated dime

    10. 1867 Shield Nickel

    Thank you to anyone that is willing to help me.

    • ANSWER:
      1.The 1899 note in very good (which is not a high grade) is worth around . The 1923 about same grade and the 1957 in low grade, such as very good is worth a dollar. There are still a lot of 1957 silver certificates around.
      2. The Kennedy 1/2 dollars are worth about 7 to 8 times face for their silver. They would have to be in extreme high inoculated grade to be worth more.
      3. The 1859 cent is worth about low grade- high circulated grade, 1890 .35-.30, 1908 .25-.35.
      4.1904 liberty nickel .35 low grade of good to .00 in Very fine.
      5. The cents are common in circulated grades, spend the 1963. the 1936 is worth.02-.07
      6. 1819 Bust half is worth in good up to in grade very fine.
      7. 1818 large cent is in grade about good to in very fine.
      8. 1940 Jefferson nickel is a common date and unless in mint state is worth 5 cents. They can still be found in circulation.
      9. 1875 Seated Liberty dime .50 grade good to in grade very fine.
      10. 1867 Shield nickel .50 in grade good to in grade very fine.
      Hope this helps and answers your question. The above prices are about what a coin dealer would pay.

    I have a one silver dollar 1923 D Speelmen/White how much is it worth?
    Trying to find the value.

    • ANSWER:
      Speelman / White?
      I think you neglected to mention that what you have is a banknote - A series 1923 Silver Certificate - and not a coin.
      Those retail on eBay for in very worn condition up to around 0 for an as-new note.

    What is the value of a 1923 Peace dollar with a Denver mint mark with slight ware?

    • ANSWER:
      It's a common date/mint, so it has to be uncirculated to have much more value than the silver in it. That's about . A dealer would pay no more than . The best you could expect from a collector is .

    What is the value of a 1923 silver dollar?

    • ANSWER:
      Somewhere between and 00. Please check out the source link below.

    Does anyone know what these are worth?
    I have two coins one from 1923 and one from 1924. It says on the certificate of authenticity that its a 1923D peace dollar that guarentees it was struck in 90% silver by the US mint. It also includes a government postage stamp from guyana.

    I would take it to a gold/silver shop but I dont wanna get ripped off. Is there anyway of findimg the true value or does anyone know.

    • ANSWER:
      It's complicated if you have no experience. Just know that if a dealer offers you less than the actual worth of the silver, it doesn't mean you are being ripped off. Dealers can't pay you full markey value and expect to stay in business.

      But here are some guidelines.

      With silver prices falling instead of going up like they were, the 'spread', or difference between what a dealer will pay for silver and what the dealer can get for it, gets wider. There is more risk in buying in a declining market, so the dealer is looking to lower that risk by discounting the 'buy' percentage of 'melt' value for the coin.

      A month ago, when silver was in the range, a Peace dollar had about worth of silver in it, and dealers were paying no more than to sell them for , or more, if the condition allowed it.

      Today, with the same coin having about .65 in silver, the dealer is not going to offer the same discount off of silver value (-=). The dealer is going to offer around . They'll still try to get or more but will settle for .

      As for these coins, you don't say what condition they are in, and that's important information, usually. The higher the condition, usually, the higher the price.

      But, common silver coins have to be in the mid-level uncirculated grades to have more value as collector coins than as just silver. You have common Peace dollars. And from my experience, coins that are sold to collectors with little paper certificates that guarantee the silver content are coins that are targeted - or hyped, is the better word, in magazines and on TV - to those who are not coin collectors. The places that do this buy up large quantities of common coins at discounts to the price of silver at the time they were bought, and package them up and greatly inflate the price. Such coins are average circulated condition and will probably never have any additional value beyond the silver, because there are plenty of really beautiful uncirculated coins out there for the collector.

      So, I am confident in saying that what you have are average circulated condition, and all you will be offered is the dealer's buy price for the silver.

    Hello, I have nine dollar coins, how much would they be worth?
    They are real silver dollar coins from 1922-1923.

    • ANSWER:
      They are worth at least 0. That is simply for their silver melt value. If they are in good shape they will comand a premium. These "Peace" dollars routinely go for - minimum for average condition on Ebay & in coin shops.

      Hope that helps!

      (BTW, I would HIGHLY recommend that you hold on to them for another year or so before selling them. Unless you really need the $$ now, which is understandable. Otherwise you could easily get twice as much for them in about a year. Silver is projected to skyrocket in price over the next few years!)

    What is the value of an 1923 silver dollar?

    • ANSWER:
      In 1923 the dollar coins which were minted were called peace dollars ,,

      The value of these coins is based entirely on the condition /grade ,, without seeing the coin it is not possible to put a definite value on the coin ,, they range from silver value of about 12.00 right now to upwards of 1600.00 depending on condition and which mint produced the coin .

      I am a member of an online coin forum which helps people find out what there coins grade and what they are worth many times each day .

      if you get a chance stop by and let the experts see pictures of the coin and help with a value .

    How Much Are My Morgan Dollar Coins Worth?
    I have 5 Morgan Dollar Coins none of them have mints here is a list of the years:
    I was just wondering roughly how much they were worth

    • ANSWER:
      The dollar coins minted in 1922 and later aren't "Morgan" dollars; rather, they are Liberty or "Peace" dollars, so-named because the word "Peace" appears in the legends on the reverse (tails side).

      Unless they're in as-minted, uncirculated condition, Peace dollars from 1922 and 1923 are very common, and are valuable mainly for their silver content. You can find the silver value of these coins here:

      The 1886 Morgan Dollars are fairly common in the no-mint mark (Philadelphia Mint) and "O" mintmark (New Orleans Mint) varieties, but scarcer in the "S" mintmark (San Francisco Mint) variety. You can find the mintmark, if any, above the "O" in "DOLLAR" at the bottom of reverse.

      There are many online price guides to Morgan Dollars, with values varying by grade (condition). You can find them by entering "morgan dollar values", "morgan dollar prices" or "morgan dollar guide" into your favorite search engine. Here's one example:

      Note that many of these guides display the prices that a dealer might charge a customer; those retail prices are generally higher than the price you might realize when selling.

      Since prices depend in large part on the grade (condition) of the coins, here's a guide to grading Morgan Dollars:

    i have a 1923 silver dollar bill with just fold creases how much is it worth?
    its just been folded up in a drawer so is it still worth anything

    • ANSWER:
      just found this:
      1923 US Silver Certificates are identified by their blue printing and the words SILVER CERTIFICATE at the top of the bill.
      Auction values as of 11/2009 are .-. for circulated specimens and -5 for uncirculated ones if they carry the signatures Spellman and White. Other signatures are worth somewhat more.

      Serial Numbers
      Note that a bill's serial number rarely affects its value so you don't need to copy it into a question.

      In God We Trust
      That motto wasn't added to bills until 1957 so it won't appear on older bills.

      Read more:

    what is 1923 silver dollar worth?
    My grandfather left me four silver dollars from the 20s. They are not in mint condition, but they are not illegible, either. My husband thinks they're valuable, but I say they are quite common. Which of us is correct?

    • ANSWER:
      You are both correct.

      Most Peace dollars are common, and the 1923 -P (no mint mark) is the second highest mintage in the series, behind the 1922-P. But all of them, even the ones that are common, are valuable.

      The common dates are worth, at today's price for silver, .50 each just for the silver. Dealers will pay less, but collectors may pay more, and quite a bit more, depending on date, mint and condition.

      Ones to look for in yours are 1921, 1925-S, 1927 from any mint, 1928 any mint, 1934-S. Lower-grade coins from other years/mints don't have much extra value until they reach the Extra Fine level, starting at 30 on a 70 point scale. You can have them looked at for grade by several dealers.

    What is the value of an 1923-D silver dollar?
    how much is a mint condition 1923-D silver dollar worth?

    • ANSWER:
      About -.

    I'm looking for the value of a 1923 Liberty Silver Dollar, help please?
    I can't find any sites to look up the value.

    • ANSWER:
      About 15 bucks. Have it appraised

    2 silver dollar coins I have cleaned them well but there are still just one or two tarnish spots on them.?
    They are from 1921 and 1923. They have AMAZING detail. very very light scratches here and there and small tarnished areas. (very small areas). Any idea on the value?

    • ANSWER:
      You damaged them by cleaning them and all they are worth now is the value of the silver in them. A dealer may give you 7 times face value. They are no longer a collector item. The main rule in coin collection is do not clean the coins. I have seen a 0 coin turn into a coin do to harsh cleaning, scratches are considered harsh cleaning no matter how small they are. There would have been more detail if you had not cleaned them.

    How much are my coins worth?
    1921 Morgan Dollar (fairly good condition)
    1923 Peace Dollar (Good condition, good luster)
    1990 Eisenhower Commemorative Dollar (grubby)

    I paid 15 for the first two and 5 for the eisenhower, was I ripped off?

    • ANSWER:
      Being an American I would say you paid too much. The 1921 Morgan dollar and 1923 Peace dollar are quite common and have high mintage's. In grades lower than mint state they sell for the silver value only one can be bought for around . The 1990 Ike commemorative dollar sells for around - in high mint state grade or in Proof, both types were issued. I am not sure what the Pound is doing against the dollar so you will have to convert.

    I have a roll of 1923 B.U. Peace Silver Dollars, how much are thy worth?
    I have a roll (20 coins) of 1923 B.U. Peace Silver Dollars, my problem is I have no idea how much they are worth. I've done reasearch but nowhere has given me a solid answer, any coin collecters pease help!

    • ANSWER:
      No one can give you a solid answer. There are too many variables that go into determining a coin's value to judge one sight unseen, let alone twenty. Also, what do you want to do? Sell them? If so, do you want the absolute last penny out of them, or are you looking for a quick sale?

      For a fast sale, a dealer would pay around for the approximately of silver in each one, as of Friday's closing price. Maybe a few dollars more if they are choice BU (Mint State 63-64), and a bit more if they are Gem BU (Mint State 65 and higher). Not a lot more, because 1923 saw a total of over 56 million produced across the three branch mints, with 30 million of those coming from Philadelphia (no mint mark on the reverse). Usually, when you come across a roll, they're all the same mint, and you probably have the most common one.

      If you want the most out of them, you'll have to sell them individually to collectors, and you'll have to know how to accurately grade them, or have someone do it for you. Professionally graded and certified coins sell for the most money, but the average cost per coin of or more will not be worth it unless you know with certainty that you can get MS65 or higher. Coins graded at MS63-MS64 sell in the - range on eBay. After paying for grading, you have less than selling to a dealer. MS65 coins start at 0, but the chances of getting one from a roll, where the coins have been touching against each other for who knows how long, are low. You might get one, maybe two.

      So, on the low end, to a dealer, you're looking at 0-0, and on the high end, assuming everything is in the Choice range and you don't spend any money on grading fees, 0-0 selling one at a time, minus any fees (such as eBay) plus the cost of your time.

    where can i get a 1923 silver dollar appraised in washington dc?

    • ANSWER:
      I'd just go to eBay and look up the finished auctions for a similar coin. OR... you can buy a book on coin values that would be cheaper than paying for an appraisal for a single coin.

    How can I find how much a Old U.s. dollar is worth?
    I have a old US dollar from 1923 and I was wondering if anyone could tell me a website that will tell me what it is worth (no ebay). Or can you tell me how much it is worth.
    I have a old 1923 silver dollar (paper not silver) and I was wondering if anyone could tell me a website that will tell me it's value.

    • ANSWER:
      The value of a 1923 one dollar Silver Certificate depends primarily upon two factors: the condition of the bill and the signatures on it.

      If the signatures are Speelman and White, or Woods and White, retail prices are approximately

      for a bill in "good" condition to
      for a bill in "extra fine" condition to
      5 for a bill in "Gem crisp uncirculated (65) condition.

      If the signatures are Woods and Tate retail prices are approximately

      for a bill in "good" condition to
      0 for a bill in "extra fine" condition to
      ,200 for a bill in "Gem crisp uncirculated (65) condition.


      1. Prices change all the time so what I am reporting is simply the most recent prices I have

      2. A dealer in not likely to pay you the retail price since he needs to make a profit when he sells it.

      3. If the bill is in less than "good" condition it is worth less.

    1923 Morgan Silver Dollar Value?
    About how much would a 1923 Morgan Silver Dollar be worth?
    I'm just telling you what the person who gave it to me called it.
    Okay.I admit defeat.It is a Peace Dollar.I just looked it up.But it is 1923.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you got it wrong morgan dollars were not made in 1923, Peace dollars were made in 1923.
      I believe your coin is a fake, or you misread the date. The peace dollar was made in 1921-1935 its worth somewhere around 15-25 dollars....
      Hope I helped

    what is the value of a 1922 and 1923 silver dollar?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on their condition. They are common dates, circulated retail value about , certifed MintState-65 about 0. Look on Ebay

    how much are these coins worth?
    im trying to sell them on craigslist but ppl are only offering 60-65 for all 3 and i feel there worth much more. They are also in great condition and look as if there only a few years old if even that.

    1886 morgon silver dollar
    1923 peace silver dollar
    1944 liberty walking half dollar

    if you can tell me how much i should get for all 3 that would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      Coin value is a combination of rarity and condition. Despite their age, your coins are all common dates, so no premium for rarity.

      See the link below to get an idea of how a coin collector or dealer would grade the coins.

      If they are worn at all, is a pretty fair offer based on the silver content.

    i would like to know the value of some old coins?
    the coins are 2 liberty silver dollars 1924 and 1923 a or f the others are a 1910an 1912 v head nickles...the others are just silver dollars with a lady an eagle on them they are1896 , 1880s , 1900o , 1888 , 1885, 1890 , 1881 , 1921 , and two bufflo nickles a 1937, and a 1935 that looks like the indian has a tear rolling down his cheek.... thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The 1924 and 1923 Peace dollars are quite common and retail for in very good to about or so in uncirculated. The other dollars are called Morgan dollars, named after the guy who designed them. Theses too are common dates and retail for about the same as your peace dollars. The two Buffalo's ( Actually Indian head ) nickels are common and worth only a buck or so retail. The 1910 V nickel is not rare either and worth a buck. I would however look at the reverse of the 1912 V nickel and see if there is a mint mark to the Left of the words cents. If there is a D it is worth 5 or 6 dollars but if there is an S you got an .00 coin or maybe even higher if it is in extremely good condition. As for retail prices you can expect to take off 40% or so for the dealers profit. Never take coins to an antique store always go to a coin store. If you have World coins take them to a world coin dealer. Medals and tokens to people who deal in them. If you don't, you will not get full value for your items.

    Is a 1923 susan b anthony dollar worth anthing?

    • ANSWER:
      1923 isn't a Susan B. Anthony, it's a Peace dollar. It's made of silver so it has some value, but not a lot because they're very common. A coin shop might give you -10 for it depending on the price of silver.

    how much is a 1923 mis printed silver dollar worth?
    it has an S under the word one an in the word trust its spelled trvst

    • ANSWER:
      It's not a minting error.

      At the time the coin was designed in the early 1920's there was a big "neoclassical" movement in the US, particularly in sculpture and architecture.

      One of the things that is common in the Latin alphabet (especially during the time of the Roman Empire) was the use of "V" for "U" and "I" for "J". The design of the Peace dollar just followed that tradition in spelling TRUST as TRVST.

      It wasn't the only coin that we had that used that style. The "Walking Liberty" quarter that was minted from 1916 through 1930 not only had "IN GOD WE TRVST", it also had "E PLVRIBVS VNVM".

      The S is the mintmark for the San Francisco mint. Unfortunately, 1923S Peace dollars are quite common, and trade for their silver value unless the coin has absolutely no wear on it at all. The good news is that with the current price of silver, the .7734 troy ounces of silver in the coin means that the "bullion" value is close to .

      Whatever you do, don't clean it or try to "improve" it's appearance in any way. Cleaning damages the coin, and will kill any collector value it might have.

    whats the value of a 1923 silver dollar coin?

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn't sell one for less than because there is 23 dollars worth of silver in it if it was melted down.

      However, depending on the "condition" of the coin and the city where it was minted, it could be worth anywhere from 0 to thousands of dollars.

      I suggest you take it to an expert, or coin dealer you trust, and have the coined examined to find it's true value. I suggest taking it to more than one place for a second or third opinion to make sure someone isn't trying to trick you into selling it.

    I Found Lot Of Old Money. I Want To Know What Its Worth. More Details Below?
    I found a lot of silver certificate one dollar bills, one of them is a series of 1923, one of them is a series 1935 with a little E by the date of its series. one of them is a series of 1935, one of them is a series of 1957, one of them is a two dollar bill, red seal and Andrew Jackson on front, a picture of the Monticello on the back, and it is a series of 1953. What are each bill worth?

    • ANSWER:
      Most Silver Certificates are worth between 1.25 and 1.50 USD

      If they are uncirculated, they are worth between 2 and 4 dollars each. their may be something special about yours that would make them worth more, or less.

      this site can tell you more

      you may have to go to a currency shop to find out how the bills are graded( the quality of each bill) to get exact value. or you can sell them on ebay, and see what the market is for each.

    what is the value of a 1923 silver dollar bill?

    • ANSWER:
      Assuming you mean a 1923 silver certificate, it depends upon the condition of the bill and the signatures on it.

      If the signatures are Speelman and White or Woods and White the value ranges from .00 for a bill in "good" condition to .00 for a bill in "uncirculated" condition.

      If the signatures are Woods and Tate the value ranges from .00 for a bill in "good" condition to 5 for a bill in "uncirculated" condition.

    How much would a 1923 Silver Dollar be worth? ?
    Something I noticed was that it looks like it says "In God We Trvst"

    picture of it:

    • ANSWER:
      1923 is a rather common date for Peace Dollars. In as-new condition (as your coin appears to be), the value is -

    does anyone know what a 1923 silver dollar is worth?

    • ANSWER:
      Your coin is a peace dollar (assuming we're talking about US coins). They were issued from 1921-1935.


      Without seeing pictures it's very difficult for anyone to give you a good answer. Many factors play in to how much your coin is worth (i.e. condition, scarcity, mint marks, current market demand, etc.)

      1 - Take your coin to a local coin dealer (trustworthy ones can be found - shop around, get second opinions). It never hurts to get a second opinion. They will be able to tell you so much more by evaluation the condition of the coin. They will also know the amount minted and what it is going for in today's market.

      2 - Try posting pictures on this website (there are many experts here that can help you evaluate it - there also may be people willing to buy if you are trying to sell):

      3 - Repost this question and include pictures. You can use websites like and include the link in your question.

      Good luck!

      P.S. Do not clean your coin as this can drastically reduce the value.

    what is the value of an 1923 silver dollar?

    • ANSWER:
      Unless it is in very, very good condition --- it is generally worth about the 90% of the spot price of silver - about (at best). On eBay, you can get around plus a little for the shipping/handling.

    I have an old one dollar (larger than the ones today)dated 1923 silver certificate. Does it have any value?

    • ANSWER:
      It sure does, and if your looking for a buyer Im here.

      Let me know what you want and we'll go from there.

    can some one tell me how much these are worth?
    i want real value not opinions please. 10 points bes answer.
    here are the items
    1976 gold one dollar coin
    1923 silver dollar coin
    1972 silver half dollar coin
    1948 silver cuban 10 cents
    1943 silver 10 cents
    1944 silver 10 cents

    tnak you!!

    • ANSWER:
      I am going to have to assume that all of these items are US made except number 4.
      1. probably gold plated Eisenhower dollar (nickel clad copper): or less.
      2. 1923 Peace dollar could have a D, S or no mint mark (90% silver) the silver is worth about and the coin may be worth .
      3. 1972 Kennedy half dollar (nickel clad copper): or less.
      4. I found one uncirculated on eBay with Buy It Now price of USD.
      5&6. 1943 & 1944 Roosevelt dimes (90% silver): .50 each or less.

    What is my coin worth?
    It is a 1923 Peace Silver dollar. I got it from my dad and I just wanted to know how much I could get for it. It was graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. It was graded a MS 63. I know it has sliver but I am wanting to know how much would it be worth trying to sell it. Thanks.
    tinypic. com/r/2wqfsqv/6
    tinypic. com/r/242g5lt/6
    tinypic. com/r/35l7tcz/6

    Take the space out.

    • ANSWER:
      Even with certified coins of the same grade, values can vary quite a bit based upon eye appeal of individual coins. Since mint state coins, by definition, have no circulation wear, grades are established by the amount of hairlines, 'ticks', bag marks - small flaws that the coins acquire in the minting and processing.

      The quality of the strike can affect the grade. The Peace series is well known for weak strikes - not as much of the fine detailing appears on the coin. A weakly-struck coin with very few marks on it can grade the same as a strong strike with more marks.

      Toning can enhance the eye appeal or take away from it, but the grade is the grade. 'Rainbow' toned coins can have a huge price premium. Many coins in the 63 grade are what collectors and dealers call 'blast white' - they look mint fresh. Many others have a slightly dulled appearance, or show brownish toning. Those are less desirable. But they can all be graded MS63.

      The low end for a NGC 63 is about . Normally, they trade in a range from to . A superbly toned 'rainbow' coin can top 0 in MS63.

      Yours appears to have just a hint of goldish toning, and an average strike. I'd put it in the - range. If selling on eBay, you may not get a bid if you start it at , unless you ship it free. Buyers subtract what it will cost them for shipping from the total amount they're willing to pay.

      The value of just the silver is around .50.

    What type of coin is this and how much is it worth?
    It is a 1923 silver dollar in relatively good condition. Here are some photos of the coin;

    Below the head on the coin there is a tiny symbol that resembles an A or perhaps an A and a P combined together. I attempt to recreate it in a bigger version here;

    Additional information about the coin:
    On the side with the head it reads "LIBERTY. In God we trust."
    On the other side it reads "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. E PLURIBUS UNUM. ONE DOLLAR". At the bottom it reads "PEACE".

    Can anyone tell me exactly what sort of coin this is, and how much it would be worth if it were to be sold online (possibly ebay)?

    • ANSWER:
      You have a Peace dollar and it is a common date, It had a mintage of 30,800,000. Your photo's are not sharp enough to tell the grade (condition) of the coin. In circulated grades (coin has wear in the hair and eagle) they usually sell for the silver value which changes daily. I think it was around .43 on the close of business Friday. That makes it a little less than .31. Dealers are paying around 11 times face maybe 12 times. I have no idea what they are going for on ebay, I don't use ebay very often, I like to see what I buy before paying for it. Hope this helps

silver value of 1923 silver dollar

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