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    How much is my silver dollar worth?
    I have a 1922 silver dollar that has a misprint in the "in god we trust". And just wonder about how much I could get for it?

    • ANSWER:
      Let me guess--the misprint is that it's spelled "TRVST", right?

      _All_ Peace dollars are like that. During the early part of the 20th century, there was a big "neoclassical" movement in the arts. Since the Romans used a "V" instead of a "U", it was common to see it in things like medals and coins. The Standing Liberty quarter, which dates from about the same time period, not only has "TRVST", but "E PLVRIBVS VNVM" as well.

      (The "neoclassical" movement is why the Lincoln memorial looks like someone dropped a Greek or Roman temple right in the middle of Washington).

      1922 Peace dollars are common from all three mints. It's only going to be worth its silver value (about right now) unless the coin has no wear on it at all.

    How much is a 1922 peace coin (one dollar) silver with the mint D worth?
    I have a coin that was passed down to me that is 1922 In God We Trvst written on it. (It isn't a misprint for the letter V to replace the letter U, I already know this). However it has the mint state D for Denver under the ONE and above the wing. How much would this be worth in value? Also, the edges are somewhat faded though it is clear on what it is.

    • ANSWER:
      The 1922-D Peace dollar is a better than common coin in high grade. If in Mint State 64, it sells for -0 right now. But many Peace dollars were weakly-struck, and even untouched coins like this are worth less. Your coin may have been a weak strike, but it sounds more like the coin has significant circulation wear. This is going to reduce the value to just that of the silver in it, called the 'melt' value.

      Silver has slipped somewhat in the last few weeks from its peak, but it is still double what it was a year ago. As of now, it has about worth of silver. A coin shop would probably offer you - . Most collectors want one in better condition. But if you know anyone who buys silver, they might be willing to pay full melt value, and maybe even a dollar or two more.

      If your coin is just a weak strike and not worn (because I can't see it, I don't know), it could be worth -. You could show it to a few coin dealers and get their opinion of the grade. Don't say anything about selling it, just that you want to know the grade.

    how much is a missprinted 1922 silver dollar worth ?
    (in god we trust) trust is spelled trvst.

    • ANSWER:
      That is an intentional part of the Peace Dollar design. They are all like that.
      The following is taken from the article linked below:
      Anthony de Francisci's design featured his rendition of Lady Liberty on the obverse. His wife, Teresa, was the model for the sculpture.[3] The font used is an example of the then-popular Art Deco style. This is exemplified by the inscription, "IN GOD WE TRVST," which uses the Latin angular "U".

    I have a 1922 silver dollar coin in good shape with the word in god we trvst whats the value of this coin?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know what 'in good shape' means, because there is no such grade in coin collecting. But I can tell you that your Peace dollar is a very common coin, even if it should have a D or S mint mark, and that if it has any circulation wear at all, it's pretty much worth just the silver. Right now that's about . Collectors want them in uncirculated condition, and will pay more if they are, and will pass on circulated coins. Someone who is regularly putting away small amounts of silver might pay over the current silver value. Dealers pay around 80%. Today, that would be about .

      Edit: All Peace dollars say 'TRVST'. It is not an error. The designers of the coin decided to use the classical Roman character for the letter 'U'.

    1922 D silver dollar with a letter V in the word trust of IN GOD WE TRUST, it says TRVST OR TRUVST.Is it rare?

    • ANSWER:

    I have a 1922 Silver Liberty Peace Dollar, it has a D under the one, but, where it says :In God We Trust, it s?
    where it says , In God We Trust , it says In God We Trvst, is this worth anything ?

    • ANSWER:
      It's worth a .00

    i have a 1922 silver dollar coin . on it says in god we trvst?
    every one i seen says in god we trust but this one has in god we trvst

    • ANSWER:
      As the other answers have said, it's the normal spelling on the Peace dollar.

      During the early part of the 20th century, there was a big "neoclassical" movement in the US in things like sculpture and architecture. One of the things that was done sometimes was to use the Roman alphabet, which used a "V" instead of a "U".

      The Peace dollar isn't the only US coin that did that. The "Standing Liberty" quarter, which was issued about the same time, not only had "TRVST", it also had "E PLVRIBVS VNVM".

      1922 Peace dollars are quite common. Unless it has no wear, it's going to be basically worth it's silver value, which right now is about .75

    old money, collectible?
    I have several 1964 Kennedy half dollars that are pure silver. A 1905 Indian head penny, a 1935 Silver Certificate dollar, a 1922 and 1923 silver dollar with a misprint(In God we trvst) and a couple of 1945 walking liberty half dollars. All of the above in good condition and some are mint condition. Are they worth anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. Go on eBay and look at similiar coins/bills and see what they are selling for.

    my friend has a 1922 silver dollar,where it sais in god we trust, the trust is spelled with a v instaed of a u...was that a mistake,or is it normal? she offered it to me for 30 bucks.i believe it is a morgan dollar but im not sure.should i buy it?what is it worth?

    • ANSWER:
      The last Morgan Dollar was made in 1921 while the Peace Dollar was made from 1921 until 1935, and the word is spelled TRVST on all Peace Dollars. The 1922 Peace Dollar may have a mint mark below ONE near the tip of the eagle's tail (plain, Philadelphia; D, Denver; S, San Francisco). The coin contains about US in silver and is worth about US to US in circulated grades regardless of mint and more if like new. I hope that helps.

    Value for my Silver Dollar Coin Collection.?
    I came into possession of a group of old silver dollar coins and was wondering if I could get a rough idea of what they are worth. I think they are real because many of them are a bit worn as if they are old and they seem to all be about the same weight and are heavy enough to seem authentic. Following is the descriptions:

    2 1799 Coins:
    Front- Flowing hair Bust on one side with 8 stars on the left and 7 stars on the right.
    Back- Eagle behind a shield w/ "E. Pluribus Unum" banner across its neck, 13 stars above its head and "United States of America" around it; also holding arrows and plant in its claws

    1 1871 and 1 1872 Coin (both have same designs):
    Front- Person sitting down on a globe that says "Liberty" on it with 13 stars around it. He/She looks like they have a hat on and they're holding something and there's like a flag behind them.
    Back- "United States of America" on top, Inside a wreath "Trade Dollar, 420 grains, 900 fine" At bottom of wreath, "In God we Trust" banner.

    2 1873 Coins:
    Front- A lady is sitting on a globe that says "Liberty on it and is holding something with plants in front of and behind her and 13 stars around it.
    Back- "United States of America" on top with "E. Pluribus Unum" underneath it in small letters, an Eagle that looks like its starting to take off in the middle with arrows and plants in its claws, "In God we Trust" under the eagle in a banner in small print, "420 Grains, 900 Fine" under that, "Trade Dollar" under that, 1 star on each side

    1 1882 Coin:
    Front- Lady sitting holding a plant in an outstretched hand and a banner that says "Liberty" in other hand, with plants behind her "In God we Trust" under her and 13 stars around her.
    Back- "United States of America" on top with "E. Pluribus Unum" underneath it in small letters, an Eagle standing in the middle with arrows and plants in its claws, "420 Grains, 900 Fine" under that, a small CC under that, "Trade Dollar" under that

    2 1894 Coins & 1 1898 Coin (both have same designs):
    Front- "E. Pluribus Unum" on top, Large Head in the middle with "Liberty" and wreath in hair, 7 stars on left, 6 stars on right
    Back- "United States of America" wrapped around sides/top, "In God we Trust" under that, Standing Eagle with arrows and plants in claws in middle, Wreath under that around it, Small "CC" under that, "One Dollar" under that, 1 star on each side.

    1 1906 Coin:
    Front- "Liberty" on top/right side, Statue of Liberty in the middle with building on lower left, "Ellis Island, Gateway to America" to left of statue above building, "In God We Trust" and "P" to the lower right of statue under "Liberty"
    Back- "United States of America" on top, hand and torch with beams coming off of it under that, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free" around/under that, "E. Pluribus Unum" under that, "One Dollar" under that

    1 1922 Coin:
    Front- "Liberty" on top, Large head in the middle with Spiky crown on, "In God we Trvst" under/around that
    Back- "United States of America" on top, "E. Pluribus Unum" under that, Eagle standing on a rock in the middle with plant in claws, sunbeams coming up from bottom right, "One Dollar" around eagle, "Peace" on bottom within rock

    1 Undated Coin:
    Front- Large Head in the middle with "Liberty" and wreath in hair (looks like head on 1894/98 Coins but a little smaller), 9 stars on left, 12 stars on right
    Back- "One Troy Ounce" on top, 1 star uner that, a banner under that, no words on it but possibly worn out, a scale under that, it looks like 311 Grams under that but its a bit worn out, "999 Fine Silver" under that, Wreath on outside between "One Troy Ounce" and "999 Fine Silver", the rest is within a circle

    That is all of them, some of them are worn out a bit, but some of them are in better condition as well. Any help as to the value or estimated approximate value of these coins, (ranges are ok too) would be helpful. Thanks!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Off the top i would say they are all counterfeits or fantasy coins from China. 1799 dollars are scarce and have lettered edges not reeded ones. The trade dollar did not show up to 1873 so the 1871 & 1872 coins with the trade dollar reverse are items that never existed. There is also no 1882-CC trade dollar. So I would say the whole group came from China and are fakes or coins that never were made so are called fantasy coins. With most of the coins questionable the whole lot is questionable, even though a 1922 Peace dollar exists but is worth only silver content. No dollar coins were minted in 1906. The coins also are not silver or has little in them. The weight of the trade dollars are 26.73 grams. Take them to a couple of coin dealers and they should back up my claims here.

1922 silver dollar in god we trvst