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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a discount for Six Flags employees at Silver Dollar City?
    I work at Six Flags and heard someone mention a discounted admissions price at Silver Dollar City if you are an employee at Six Flags and bring your I.D.

    Anyone know more?

    • ANSWER:
      That seems a little far-fetched to be honest, given that those two parks are owned by competing companies, but who knows.

    does coin guide price of a silver dollar also include the current value of the silver in the coin?
    does coin guide price of a silver dollar also include the current value of the silver in the coin?
    that links leads to more links which lead to more links which lead to sites selling coins.

    • ANSWER:
      When it come to collectible coins, it is the grade and rarity that make the value the value of the silver or gold is in material. When some one pays ,000 to 0,000 for a 1893-S who cares about the few bucks worth of silver in it. Even when paying for a nice mint state common date silver dollar the buyer does not give the value of the silver a second thought. Now if a common date silver dollar is badly damaged or well worn, then all that matters is the value of the silver in it. Hope this sets the issue straight.

    How much is a 1894 e pluribus unum silver dollar worth?
    Hey so I got this coin from my grandpa and it's a 1894 silver dollar with a o below the eagle. Can you tell me the price range for all the conditions?

    • ANSWER:

      A quote from one website:

      "If I were you , I would check with a local coin dealer or collector that s trustable and see if they have more numismatic value than selling them by weight. Don t sell them to the collector, just get an idea of their value. Coins from those years could bring you a lot more money than you think."

      This link has a chart that might be helpful:

    How can I tell the difference between a fake Morgan silver dollar and a real one?
    I heard somewhere in that the US Morgan Silver dollars are being replicated. Not to mention I heard the replica dealer has distributed them for a cheap price and some people are turning them into fakes. Any ideas as to how to tell the difference?

    • ANSWER:
      If you can't tell, DON'T buy any. This is NOT something that can be 'taught' online. The first thing I would check is weight. faking both the size and weight is the hardest part of making a decent counterfeit.

    How much is a silver dollar from the late 1800s worth?
    I have three silver dollars (Morgan) from the late 1800s. Anyone know what they're worth? If anything.

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on the year, mint mark, and condition. But unless you have an 1895 S, most of your coins are likely worth the price of silver, plus a - dollar mark-up. So I'm guessing - bucks.

      Go to the book store, or library and get yourself a copy of:

      The Official Red Book
      A Guide Book of U.S. Coins
      by RS Yeoman

    How much does a 1922 silver dollar coin?
    I have a silver dollar coin from 1922 I was wondering how much it was worth?

    • ANSWER:
      There are two major factors that will determine the value of your coin.

      First... you need to know what mint your coin came from. You can tell by looking for the mint mark, which, if the coin has one, can be found just to the left of the eagle's tail feathers on the back of the coin. If the coin is from the Philadelphia mint there will be no mint mark; if San Francisco look for a tiny letter "S"; Denver coins have a tiny "D". Coins vary in value, depending on which mint they came from.

      You also need to know the condition of your coin, and by that I mean how the coin would be graded in the coin market. Here's a link for you to learn a bit more about the grading system and how condition affects value:

      Next look at the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) website to see the tremendous range in retail prices for 1922 US silver dollars. On this site you will see prices ranging from a low of to a high of ,000 -- all for 1922 silver dollar coins! Here's the link to the Peace Dollar (your coin type) page at PCGS:

      For prices actually realized on eBay for 1922 silver dollars, check this link:

    How can I get Morgan Silver dollars certified?
    I am trying to make money off a collection of Morgan silver dollars I own. Some of the years are for example: 1886,1885,1882,1880 and more. Any idea how much these are worth if certified. And what does getting a coin certified mean?

    • ANSWER:
      To answer your questions:

      "How can I get Morgan Silver dollars certified?"
      You can submit your coins to:
      - a third-party coin grading company. I recommend the top 3 TPGs like NGC, PCGS, or ANACS. Or IGC also fine. But for Morgans, I prefer PCGS and NGC. Please visit the TPG websites and learn more on how you can submit your coin. You can also send to the TPGs for grading through your local coin dealer.

      And only send in Morgans to be certified if:
      - They are CC mint Morgans.
      - Key dates or semi-key dates.
      - Rare VAMs.
      - Errors.
      - Genuines.
      - Not cleaned or damaged in any way(else you coins will be body-bagged)
      The reason for the aboves is because your coins should be more valuable than the cost of grading the coins.

      "Some of the years are for example: 1886,1885,1882,1880 and more. Any idea how much these are worth if certified."
      How much they can be worth very much depend on:
      - the grades and conditions of your morgans.
      - from which mint are your Morgans. Those dates you listed so far are common dates unless they are from Carson City mint(small "CC" underneath the eagle on the reverse of coin). There's no point in sending common-date circulated Morgans to be certified unless you want to see your collection in plastic holders.

      "And what does getting a coin certified mean?"
      Means that:
      - The coin will be put inside an air-tight clear plastic holder. It's for better storage and long term protection.
      - The coin will be graded by more than one professional grader working in the coin grading company you have submitted your coin to. A grade will be assigned(if gradeable & genuine) and stated inside the holder/slab according to the company's grading standards.
      - The coin will be much easier to sell at higher prices if it has been certified(by a reputable company) compared to a raw coin.
      - It gives buyer a peace of mind when buying and reselling it at later time, especially when dealing with rarities, varieties or errors.

    How much would a 1885 morgan silver dollar in vg condition go for?
    My dad has a lot of old coins we came across a 1885 morgan silver dollar in vg condition we have no clue what it would be worth today, but we would love to find out.

    • ANSWER:
      Interesting find.

      An 1885 morgan dollar is worth in VG-8 to collectors using the price guide. This guide is trusted by collectors to value their coins. DO NOT use the Redbook for coin prices, the prices in that book are higher than each coins actual value. Most people buy it just to know about coin varieties. Not for prices.

      Although, is there a mint mark on this coin (D, S, O, CC)? Because an 1885 CC coin is worth 4 in VG condition.

      This is what I recommend you do when valuing your coins. First identify each coins denomination (cent, nickle, dime. etc.) and any mint mark (D, S, O, CC) The mint marks tell you where the coin was made, and many are sought at by collectors.

      Then go to This website is a creditied photograding website in which you compare your coin to the coins online in regaurd to their grade so you can know how your coin grades on the numismatic grading scale.

      Finally go to and search for the coins you are looking for the retail prices of your coins. This website is trusted by collectors country-wide and is updated weekly

      This way you can get a realistic view on your coins value. One last thing, DO NOT CLEAN YOUR COINS. Cleaning the coins removes 90% of its collector value, and in your case would reduce it down to its silver value. which means that 4 coin is now worth maybe

    Does anyone know how much a 1921s silver dollar is worth?
    I can forward you a picture front and back if you give me your email address. I also have a 1922 silver dollar that I would like to know the same about. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      most are worth the price of silver some a bit more...depends on scarcity of the coin and its condition

      look up coin price guides....see url below

      a 1921S morgan probably 16-20 us dollars

      a 1922 peace dollar - to

      im assuming these are average condition only not anything special about them, show some wear etc

    where is the cheapest place or website to but silver dollars or dimes?
    Is there a super cheap place where you can buy silver dollars?
    like morgan dollars ,peace dollars,mercury dollars,and other silver compisition coins
    it there is it can really help

    • ANSWER:
      There is no such place. With silver and gold doing their thing no one is stupid enough to sell either at low prices. There is no such thing as Mercury dollars but there are dimes.

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