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1921-S Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar - Lower Grade

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Liberty Silver Dollars?
    What is the value of a 1891, 1899, 1901 and 1921 Liberty Silver Dollars worth

    • ANSWER:
      The 1891, 1901 and 1921 are in the range, depending of course on condition and mint marks. The 1899 is closer to again depending on condition and mint mark.

    1921 silver dollar coin...worth..?
    I was wondering what the value of a 1921 E Pluribus Unum silver dollar this has a lady's face with Liberty written in a wreath around her head. The back has an Eagle with wings spread with In God We Trust US One dollar.
    doesnt say the mint

    • ANSWER:
      Looks like a couple people that answered your question knows what they are taking about. One being Mirrorcoin the other BlueT. The 1921 Morgan dollar is however not really like the ones from 1878-1904. You see they thought they would not make any Morgan dollars after 1904, so the master hubs were destroyed a few years later. New one had to be made in 1921 so the coins do have differences. True they sure made a lot of them, but the coin has more of a historic value than a monetary one, for it is the only ones made from that master hub.. In grade good, which is well worn coin it has a value of about , Even in high circulated grades the one with out the mint mark goes up to and the D (Denver) or S (San Francisco) is . These values are about what a dealer would pay. So you have an interesting coin, even though you will not be able to retire if you sell it. One thing about older coins are the only place their value can go over the years, is up.

    value of my coin selection?
    Hey i have 5 silver liberty dollars I am interested in selling and i was wondering the best rout to doing this. I have a 1889,(2)1900,1921, 1922. all of witch are likely circulated but not much sign of wear because everything can be read clearly. I am pretty sure the coins are woth more than silver value and i appreciate your help. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Get a coin book that lists the value of US coins for 2008 or 2009. I'd suggest the blue or red book
      First of all, they will give you a grading guide; Proof, Uncirculated, Very Fine, Fine, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, etc, and will explain how much shine and detail is present for each. I've had a few of those in the past myself

      Secondly, check if there is a mint mark on the reverse for the Morgan dollars. That will determine the exact year and mint, and will tell you how many were produced. Most of those dollars are generally worth the same amount, but could be worth more depending on its rarity

      - Your 1889 will be worth ALOT if it is a cc mint. Those are uncommon

      Try this site, it will tell you how many of your mint/date were produced

    Value of Siver Dollar?
    Front of Silver Dollar, E.PLURIBUS>UNUM Has Lady Liberty on it 1921.
    Back; Has a Eagle on it In god we Trust
    siver Dollar is in good conditions

    • ANSWER:
      what is the condition of the coin?

      for this coin, (over 20 mil were stamped) there is only the uncir. and the extra fine that would be more then the face value. with out seeing the coin i could not tell the condition but if uncir. would be around 50 and we're talking perfect as the day it was stamped or extra fine would show all of the fetchers of the coin are still highly distinct and would fetch around 15-20.

    i would like to know the value of some old coins?
    the coins are 2 liberty silver dollars 1924 and 1923 a or f the others are a 1910an 1912 v head nickles...the others are just silver dollars with a lady an eagle on them they are1896 , 1880s , 1900o , 1888 , 1885, 1890 , 1881 , 1921 , and two bufflo nickles a 1937, and a 1935 that looks like the indian has a tear rolling down his cheek.... thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The 1924 and 1923 Peace dollars are quite common and retail for in very good to about or so in uncirculated. The other dollars are called Morgan dollars, named after the guy who designed them. Theses too are common dates and retail for about the same as your peace dollars. The two Buffalo's ( Actually Indian head ) nickels are common and worth only a buck or so retail. The 1910 V nickel is not rare either and worth a buck. I would however look at the reverse of the 1912 V nickel and see if there is a mint mark to the Left of the words cents. If there is a D it is worth 5 or 6 dollars but if there is an S you got an .00 coin or maybe even higher if it is in extremely good condition. As for retail prices you can expect to take off 40% or so for the dealers profit. Never take coins to an antique store always go to a coin store. If you have World coins take them to a world coin dealer. Medals and tokens to people who deal in them. If you don't, you will not get full value for your items.

    value for the following coins.?
    i have the following coins.

    1982 george washington 250th anniversary


    1972 Half-dollar with the eagle upside down on the back

    1957 Franklin half dollar

    1939 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    1898 O Morgan Silver Dollar

    1923 Silver Peace Dollar

    how much money can i get for all of these?

    • ANSWER:
      1982 Washington Commemorative: .50 in Proof State.
      1921 Morgan Dollar: .00 in Good.
      1972 Kennedy Half: .00 in Proof State.
      1957 Franklin Half: .00 in Almost Uncirculated.
      1939 Walker Half: .10 in Good.
      1898-O Morgan Dollar: .20 in Good.
      1923 Peace Dollar: .10 in Good.

    What are the value of these coins?
    Four coins, 1886, 1921-S, 1889-O,1884, Silver Dollars. All have eagles on the back and a lady with a crown (says liberty on it) on the front. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Those silver dollars are the popular and widely-collected "Morgan Dollars", minted from 1878 till 1921. The 1884, 1886, 1889-O and 1921-S dollars are considered common dates by hobbyists and valued at to each in average circulated condition. Nice circulated Morgans with traces of original mint luster command slightly higher retails, from to each.

      Due to its long period in circulation and big mintage numbers overall, many Morgan Dollars still survive and common dates are inexpensive even in uncirculated grade. Too bad your 1921 isn't a Peace Dollar, else you could be at least a 0 richer.

    What is your favorite coin?
    My favorite coin is the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar. My next favorite is the 1921 Peace dollar, and after that, the modern Silver Eagles. I like Walking liberty halves, Franklin halves, then mercury dimes. The 1964 silver Kennedy half is a beautiful coin. The coin I collect the most, lately is the nickel, since it's solid and not clad- crap-cartoon money. The penny is my least favorite, not for its low value on face, but it's general low quality bronze on zinc which will rot away if left on a windowsill. My favorites will be all put aside for my great grandchildren.

    I get a kick out of, when I meet an immigrant, showing them a Morgan Silver Dollar. I got a silver 1967 Mexican peso in for , and I enjoy playing with it. I'd like to get my hands on a Bavarian Euro.

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah I remember the day I got my 1st morgan dollar I got it for my 15th birthday from my mother, a 1900 in pretty good shape. Then there was the steal of a deal on a 1947 canadian 50 cent piece with a maple leaf by the 7. I remember scouting it out the weekend before at a local flea market then riding my bike into town just to buy it. The best moment for coin hobby was the day I bought my first gold coin a 1887 S Liberty half eagle bought it for 160.00 canadian with 10 indian head pennies and a coin magazine to seal the deal. I still got them all pull them out of the safe from time to time.

    Which coins should I choose?
    Someone I know has several silver coins they are planning to sell for the silver in them. I have enough on hand to buy an ounce of silver from this person, but I have no idea what coins I should choose. The assortment this person has includes:

    Franklin half dollars (1952 and 1963)
    Walking Liberty half dollars (1937 & illegible)
    1964 Kennedy half dollars
    Morgan dollars from 1921-1924
    & a 1972 Bahamas Flamingo coin minted by the Franklin Mint

    I'd really like to pick something that has value beyond its silver content, but I have no idea if any of these coins do. Any help is appreciated!
    There are 3 Morgan dollars, all from 1921, and 3 Peace dollars (1 each 1922, 1923, and 1924).

    • ANSWER:
      Well, they stopped making Morgan Dollars in 1921, so if there are two silver dollars with those dates, and the same design, they're both what are called "Peace" dollars.

      If they are both Peace dollars, those are the ones to go with. The 1921 is one of the key dates in the series--even if it's worn to the point that the portrait is basically an outline with a few details left, dealers commonly sell those for close to 0.

      The 1924 might also be worth more than bullion value. On the reverse of the coin, to the left of the eagles tail, there may be a mintmark--a small letter "S". In that same condition, it would cost you about from a dealer, while the silver value in each of the dollars is about . A silver dollar contains .7734 troy ounces of silver, so buying both would get you about 1.5 ounces.

      Edit for additional information: For the 1922 and 1923 Peace dollars, the coins from all three mints have about the same value until you get to some of the nicer uncirculated coins. If they've got more than the slightest amounts of wear on them, they're going to be worth bullion value.

      The same holds true for the 1921 Morgans.

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