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When times get tough, one of the first things people turn to is buying and selling valuable materials, such as sterling silver and gold, and it's really no surprise. After all, they maintain their value. With the economy in its current state, this method of managing money issues has turned up again, as more people discover the value of scrap silver.

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Scrap Sterling Silver For Sale

Scrap silver can be a very profitable sideline since its value continues to rise. Silver is in short supply and any scrap you come across probably has some intrinsic value. There are many ways to find scrap silver, including by taking apart old electronic items, collecting coins, and by buying broken jewelry. This silver isn't wearable anymore (if it is, you should never sell it as scrap) but it's still worth its weight as sterling silver, and if you know where to send it, you can make some real money. The current going rate is about fifteen dollars per ounce, but that changes by the day and even the hour, so you'll need to check carefully if you want to be sure you buy and sell at the right time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what is the value of an eisenhower silver dollar collection 1971-1974,1976?
    box set has 5 silver dollar coins,1971,1972,1973,1974,'1776-1976'

    • ANSWER:
      Not enough information to give you an estimate. Is there an S just below Eisenhower's neck. If so then you have a 40% silver set which gives it some extra value. You also do not mention grades which is critical to determining a value. Without a mint mark the coins must be uncirculated to have any collector value. If they were taken out of circulation then they are only worth face value. If they are an uncirculated set the retail price can range from to several hundred dollars depending on the grade and what version of the 1972 you have.

      I would suggest you take them to a dealer so he can tell exactly what you have.

    Is these silver dollars still in circulation?
    I have three silver dollars: all of them have President Eisenhower on the front. One of them has a picture of an eagle on the moon on the reverse side dated 1971, two have the picture of the liberty bell and the moon on the reverse side dated 1776-1976. Are these worth anything more than face value? If they are face value, can I just use them like I'd spend a dollar bill?

    I also have four silver half-dollars dated 1971, 1972, 1972, and 1973. Same question for those.

    • ANSWER:
      All of the coins you list are seldom seen in circulation. Unfortunately, none of them is worth much more than face value. None of them actually contains any silver. I would probably spend the half dollars, but I would hang on to the Eisenhower dollars for no other reason than they're cool.

    I have these old coins i need to know the value of them now days?
    i have for ike silver dollars
    (8) 1971
    (12) 1972
    (4) 1974
    (1) 1977
    (8) 1978
    (25) 1776-1976 (sentential)

    I also have Susan B. Anthony Dollars
    (7) 1979
    (7) 1980

    i have Gold 2000 Dollars
    (12) 2000

    and for JFK half silver dollars (look out theres a load of them) i have
    (2) 1965
    (3) 1966
    (3) 1967
    (9) 1968
    (2) 1969
    (15) 1971
    (18) 1972
    (5) 1973
    (6) 1974
    (2) 1977
    (2) 1978
    (3) 1979
    (3) 1980
    (5) 1981
    (2) 1982
    (5) 1983
    (2) 1984
    (12) 1985
    (2) 1986
    (2) 1988
    (3) 1989
    (1) 1990
    (1) 1997
    (1) 2001

    (+ i have 16 sentenal 1776-1976 silver half dollars)

    • ANSWER:
      Everything but the 65 - 69 Kennedy halfs are worth face value.

      Hope you weren't expecting a windfall.

      The 65-69 Kennedys contain a little silver so they may be worth .75 to .00 each.

      Had to come back and edit this -- Liberal asskicker is full of sh*t

    Can anyone tell me the approximate value of my coins?
    I have some older coins I have found or bought from out of my till at work. All of them are cerculation quality, so some are not in the best of shape. the list includes:
    1.1935 S
    2.1942 S
    3.1944 S
    4.1944 D
    5.1945 -
    6.1945 D
    7.1946 -
    8.1946 D
    9.1951 -
    10.1952 S
    11.1955 D x2
    12.1958 D
    1.1943- silver
    Half Dollars
    1.1971 D
    2.1972 D
    3.1977 D
    4.1984 D
    Suzan B. Anthony Dollar
    1.1979 P
    Eisenhower Dollar
    1.1972 D
    2.1974 D
    3.Bi-Centennial 1776-1976 –
    4.1977 D

    • ANSWER:
      I cannot but I often go here for help on my coins:

      You do have to register to get on the forum. Then you may be able to copy and paste your list so you don't h ave to type it over again........

      Sounds like you may have some worth some money so check it out....

    Where is a good website to look up coin values?
    I have some old Canada coins and US coins

    1864-1964 Canada Silver Dollar
    1964 Canada Half Dollar
    1964 Canada Quarter
    1964 Canada Dime
    1964 Canada Nickel
    1964 Canada Penny


    1878 Morgan Silver Dollar
    1972 Silver Dollar
    1951 Half Dollar
    2 of 1776-1976 Half Dollar
    Buffalo Nickel

    • ANSWER:
      There actually is none that is free. The ones you find are dealers selling coins or values for so-called professionally graded and slabbed coins. None are a real help and you have to look around to see if they have what you do. Are your 1964 Canadian coins in a cello pack. If so it is a proof like set, if so it sells for around and dealers pay around 40% less. The 1878 Morgan value depends on it's mint mark if any, if it has one it is on the eagle side near the bottom below the wreath. The 1878 being the first year had 4 varieties without the mint mark. The most valuable is the one that the eagle has 8 instead of 7 tail feathers and up. The 1878-CC mint mark is worth and up. The others unless in mint state are worth the silver value only and that changes day to day. The 1972 Ike dollar in circulated condition has no collector value. The 1951 Franklin 1/2 in circulated condition also is only worth the silver in it at time of sale minus a % for the dealers profit. The 1776-1976 1/2 dollars also have no collector value in circulated grades that is coins have wear. The buffalo nickel has no value if the date is gone, if there is one I need to know it. Best I can do here and hope it helped.

    how much are they worth?
    i am asking this question on behalf of my mother. she has 3 coins she would like them valued.

    coin 1: US 1 silver dollar with the eagle back dated 1977
    coin 2:US silver 1 dollar with the liberty bell and moon back with 1776-1976.
    coin 3: UK £5 (pound) coin jubilee issue coin with the date 1953-1993 (which is when the queen celebrated her jubilee year)

    • ANSWER:
      Your first two coins can be found in the first link. Only the S mint mark coins are 40% silver. Neither of these is likely to be worth a great deal though the 40% silver coins can be worth around in uncirculated condition.

      Your third coin description is confusing because the Queen Elizabeth II silver jubilee was in 1977, but there were 40th anniversary (1993) silver and gold £5 coins minted.

      I hope this helps

    Any of these coins worth something?
    We have a bunch of Old coins, lots of them seem unique and might be worth something, if anyone knows the value of any of these that would be great. Thanks!

    Tropicana A Ramada Hotel (doubt it, but just incase)

    Canadian 1867 Confederation Flag in middle one side coat of arms and crown on the other

    Canadian Silver Dollar. Queen on one side dated, on the other is days 1867 Confederation and Constitution 1982

    Knotts Palm Casino Berry Farm picture of a well and says 1776 and 1976 (again I doubt it)

    Elizabeth II DG. Reg. FD 1977 with a person on a horse, bird with a crown above it in a circle and some plant designs on the outside of the circle.

    Edmonton Klondike days 25th Anniversary. July 1986

    1977 Mexicanos picture of someone and says Diez Pesus

    10 cent 1979 Mexicanos.

    Coin with a whole in the middle, weird designs on it, and some wheat. other side ahs some designs (they look asian) all around the whole in the middle

    Out of room, will continue below.
    Ofrancs on one side, other side it says Republique Francaise

    1971, Mexcanos says Un Peso on one side.

    Says Pont Champian Bridge and National Harbours on the outside.

    500 Colones BCCR other side, 2003 Costa Rica

    1942 copper penny (Canadian), I know the 1943 American Copper ones are worth something. but this one might be since it's so close.

    Thats it, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Item one is a trade token and collectors pay .50 to for one. The Canadian confederation item sounds like a medal not a coin. It would have a denomination on it if it was a coin. The Canadian dollar of 1982 is the commemorative Constitution dollar and is made of nickel not silver. It sells for to . The Knott's berry farm item is a token that was made to celebrate the bicentennial of the USA, they usually sell in the or so range. The 1977 coin is a British coin making the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth's reign and is made of copper/nickel. It has a value of to depending on grade. There was also a special silver proof made, it came in a case and is worth . The Klondike days item is what is called a trade token and was made for that event and sold. They sell now for a couple of dollars. The Mexican coins are no longer legal tender and can be found in a dealers world coin box for .25 cents each. The last item sounds like a coin from French Indo-China called Vietnam today. There must be a date on it as well as a number. I need that info to help you more on that coin. Hope this helps. The additional items do not show up on the answer page. You list too many at a time.

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